CONCORD (KPIX) — Sometimes one man’s trash is another man’s stolen goods.

This past weekend some guests were checking out of the Premier Inn in Concord — room 257 to be exact — and they told housekeeper Vicki Brooks to dump everthing they left behind.

But when she looked inside the room, she realized all was not right.

“If they’re telling me to throw stuff in the garbage and it’s all good stuff, there’s something wrong. It’s not right. I turned on the lights, [and] you know, [went] ‘wait a minute,'” Vicki told us.

There were electronics, legal documents, pictures. So Vicki called the Concord police. And all that stuff, according to detectives, linked to a series of break-ins on San Miguel Road.

Phillip Oliver’s house was ransacked on Friday. “They stole a lot of family articles that were irreplaceable — it’s money, it’s electronics, it’s my computer, iPad,” he said.

Philip is anxious to get his stuff back and he wants to thank Vicki.

“I’m gonna give her a reward, I’ll tell you that. If they can give me pictures, that’s enough for me right there,” he declared.

For her part, Vicki says she’s glad to help and she’ll be keeping a close eye when cleaning out guest rooms.

“If it was me, I’d want someone to do that for me,” Vicki said.


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