Hundreds Rally Behind Stanford Student Outraged By Alleged Rapist Being Allowed To Graduate

STANFORD (KCBS)— Hundreds of students turned out at Stanford University to demand tougher punishments in sexual assault cases. A Stanford senior, who says she was raped earlier this year, is furious her alleged attacker is being allowed to graduate from the University.

On Thursday, students marched on the Vice Provost’s office and chanted “Get on board” as part of their rally cry. Senior, Leah Francis, claims she was raped by her classmate last January.

Bill Mandating Formal Pre-Sex Consent On California Campuses Gaining Momentum In Sacramento

Protesters said they want Stanford to provide adequate resources for survivors of rape and sexual assault on campus.

The university said the alleged attacker will be suspended from grad school for five quarters, but only after he walks during the commencement ceremony next week.

The case remains open in Alaska, where the alleged incident happened. No charges in the case have been filed by police.

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  • Stanford Says Senior In Sexual Assault Case Is Not A Threat « CBS San Francisco

    […] Last week, hundreds of students turned out in support of senior Leah Francis, who had pleaded with the University’s vice provost, Greg Boardman, to expel the student. […]

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