SUNNYVALE (KCBS) – A Sunnyvale man suspected of murdering a woman who lived with him was pointing a BB gun that looked like a rifle at police when the officers shot and killed him, said a spokesman for the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety.

Glen Griggs was wanted in connection with the murder of Molly Francquemont, who police say disappeared shortly after moving in with Griggs in 2013.

“We do not have Molly’s whereabouts and will continue to seek statements and evidence related to that,” said Captain Jeff Hunter.

Griggs confronted four police officers Thursday as they served search and arrest warrants at his home at 498 N. Fair Oaks Ave. The 53-year-old threatened to kill the officers and ignored police commands to drop his weapon, even after one of the officers fired a non-lethal baton to try and disable him, Hunter said.

The four officers remain on paid administrative leave while the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office investigates the shooting.

“During the follow-up investigation, the weapon recovered was determined to be a BB gun rifle. The weapon had no appearance of being anything other than a rifle,” Hunter said.

Police confiscated several items from Griggs’ home related to the investigation of Francquemont’s disappearance, but police have not determined the whereabouts of her body.

“It is believed Mr. Griggs is responsible for the disappearance and murder of Molly. The investigation is ongoing and during the search warrant at Mr. Griggs residence, several items were taken by our department which are part of the ongoing investigation,” Hunter said.

Francquemont was last seen on March 9, 2013. Her family reported her missing two months later.


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