SAN FRANCSICO (KCSB) — UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, who began his job as the university’s leader last November, not only has to deal issues with academics but also safety, diversity and social justice in an environment where money for higher education is still not as forthcoming as state educators would prefer.

Dr. Dirks tells KCBS In Depth co-hosts Jane McMillan and Ed Cavagnaro that the university is accepting more out-of-state freshmen, because they pay more to attend. He adds, however, that there is an effort underway to cap non-resident admissions at 23 percent.

While the issue of how colleges and universities deal with sexual assaults on their campuses has come to the forefront recently, Dirks said his university is tackling the issue from a number of fronts including orientation sessions and educating students about the dangers of alcohol, which is often associated with sexual assaults.

Dirks also says that he is committed to expanding the university’s global reach as technology makes its resources more easy to access from around the world. His plans for expansion include creating new opportunities for Cal students to study abroad.



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