SARATOGA (CBS SF) — A repeat drunk driver just out of prison has been busted again after a crash in Saratoga.

Robert Schiro was allegedly drunk when he crashed his car into parked cars in a Saratoga parking lot. Police say Schiro was offered a taxi, but refused before stumbling to his vehicle and striking parked vehicles, and driving away.

News of the crash stunned Ashley Nelson, who was hit by Schiro while bicycling in 2009. Nelson suffered head injuries in the incident.

“My head was hit so hard against his mirror, my left side of my brain got pushed to the left side. My eye doesn’t move. It’s paralyzed,” she said.

Schiro was convicted of hit and run, and served half his sentence before being released from prison this year.

“He’s a chronic alcoholic. He hasn’t shown any remorse. He still smirks at me in court,” Nelson said.

Nelson wants to see Schiro put away for life.

“He’s a menace to society. He doesn’t belong on our streets.”

Schiro will be back in court at the end of the month for a bail hearing.



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