CONCORD (CBS SF) — Bay Area kids who have found themselves tipping the scales have been referred to a special six-week summer camp to lose weight.

“The goal of this Camp is to really to create a safe space for obese and overweight children to exercise,” said Dr. Carolyn Jasik of the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.

The program at UCSF’s Camp Fun is designed to let kids have fun while learning new habits to keep healthy.

“Diabetes runs in our family,” said camper Luis Montes. “So, when I started to gain weight I needed to do something immediately, that’s what my nutritionist said.”

Nutrition is a big part of the camp. The children learn how to prepare healthy meals themselves, using low fat ingredients.

It’s worked for Jessica Wortman, who parents Mark and Celia say she has already changed the way she eats. “When we go out Jessie is getting a salad now instead of a burger.”

“It’s a much more body positive environment for them to exercise in because they are with kids who are just like them,” said Dr. Jasik.

Benioff Children’s Hospital says over 100 kids have come throught this camp and nearly all of them lose weight. Plans are to expand the program throughout the Bay Area.

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