SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Some people may be addicted to social media sites, but many are less than pleased with what they’re getting. A new customer survey rates social media sites as the fourth lowest in satisfaction.

The only industries to fare worse are airlines, subscription television and internet service providers. One thing these all have in common is that they are commonly complained about, but are widely used. Think about it; how often do you boycott flying on an airplane or actually cancel your internet service provider’s subscription?

The same is mostly true for social media sites. Facebook did have an 8-percent-increase over last year, so it’s gotten better. Their satisfaction rate is still only 67 percent. Pinterest by comparison has a 67 percent satisfaction rate.

With Facebook it almost seems to really depend on your friends. When I go on my experience depends on who’s posting and what they’re posting.

If people post things that are interesting and fun then I’m likely to feel good about my experience. When people go off about extreme politics that I may disagree with or if they’re annoying or make comments that somehow bother me, then I’ll probably have a less positive experience.

I had a relative that used to complain about her husband on Facebook (she finally divorced him). It was very annoying to read, but do you blame Facebook? No it’s really up to who you choose to associate with.

I was surprised by LinkedIn’s low satisfaction rating. Maybe it’s because they’re not getting the dream job they wanted; I’m not sure.


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