@HiddenCash Bringing ‘Dough’ Giveaway Back To San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Prepare for the return of stampeding money seekers, San Francisco. The man behind the @HiddenCash says he will be back in the Bay Area next weekend, dropping more cash as part of his scavenger hunt that has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Since Palo Alto millionaire Jason Buzi began making the money drops in May he’s given away thousands in dollars, euros and other currencies around the globe, racking up more than three quarters of a million followers for his Twitter account, which provides clues to the drop locations. The Giveaways began in the Bay Area, where San Franciscans swarmed drop locations in search of marked envelopes stuffed with $20’s. From there, Buzi moved on to the East and South Bays before trying out the scavenger hunt in Los Angeles, New York and other major U.S. cities. He later spent time dropping pounds all over the United Kingdom, and has been making friends in Germany over the last few days.

As far as additional tips on where the next drop will look like, Buzi has only offered this question:


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