SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The pictures and descriptions in Cook’s Country Magazine are enough to make you want to get in the kitchen and start cooking immediately. Full of delicious ideas, it’s published by the same people that produce America’s Test Kitchen.

These recipes are truly vetted so that you can make it happen on your own at home. Want to try a New Orleans muffuletta sandwich? Or how about grilled potato salad? If you grill the potatoes first, you’ll find that you get a lot more flavors out of them that way.

Zucchini fritters and pasta with real tomato sauce and faster smoked pork chops are also included in the September issue. But if I had to rate these recipes and put one at the top as something I really want to try; I’d say smoky bourbon chicken is the one.

They show you how to marinade the chicken in bourbon overnight in a Ziploc bag so that everything gets really soaked. Add a few woodchips to the barbecue and you really kick up the flavor a few more notches.

If Tex-Mex is your thing, try their juevos rancheros. It’s good enough to make you want breakfast all over again.


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