(CBS SF) — As Hurricane Iselle left significant damage in parts of Hawaii, people shopping for supplies in the wake of the storm are getting a dose of sticker shock.

The blog Maui Watch has posted several photos of what many say is evidence of price gouging. In one case, it appears that Whole Foods is selling a 12 pack for $30.96, or $2.58 per bottle.

For people interested in leaving Hawaii before Hurricane Julio passes by on Sunday, prices appear to be getting expensive as well. While United Airlines has flights on Saturday for as low as $711, the cheapest seat on Hawaiian Airline is nearly $1,000. That price is nearly twice as much as flights scheduled for Sunday, which will likely be canceled due to the upcoming storm.

Hawaii has a price gouging law that prevents price increases during a state of emergency. The governor’s office said its investigating price gouging claims. Fines can range from $500 to $10,000 per violation.


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