Latest Generation Of Satellites Will Be Able To Spot Your Car From Space

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Vatican City as seen from Satellite (Lockheed Martin)

Vatican City as seen from Satellite (Lockheed Martin)

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – It appears Google and other private companies that utilize satellite imagery will soon be getting pictures from space that provide much more detail about objects on earth, including your private property.

According to the Vice network website Motherboard, a satellite sent up Wednesday for DigitalGlobe was the first commercially craft to take advantage of recently-relaxed Department of Commerce restrictions on privately -contracted satellite image resolution. In six months, private companies willing to pay will get images from the craft WorldView-3 that are roughly twice as sharp as what’s available today.

Google and Microsoft’s Bing have previously partnered with DigitalGlobe for their online satellite maps, and the expectation is they will upgrade their online offerings with the higher resolution pictures.

For more on the science behind the project, check out launch partner Lockeed Martin’s video about getting the technology off the ground:


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