SUNNYVALE (CBS SF) — A 90-year old golfer from Cupertino scored not one, but two hole in one shots on the same hole on a Sunnyvale course.

George Carapiet squared up for his shot from the seventh hole tee with his driver, and hit it flush.

“It hit the stick, the flagstick, and I didn’t know because my vision is gone in my right eye. I can’t see that far,” Carapiet said.

So, George and his buddies began looking for his ball in the rough just off the green.

“And then one of them goes to the hole and says, your ball is in the hole! I couldn’t believe it.”

Just five weeks later, on the exact same hole with the same driver, George hit another great shot.

“The second time I still didn’t believe that it was there,” he said.

Now, George gets a little more respect from the younger players on the course.

“Hope you get two more!” one golfer told George.

“I’m playing with all these younger guys. They’re in their 70’s, kids really, and they’re all teasing me, calling me Ace because I did it twice.”


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