PALM SPRINGS (CBS SF) — Two brothers who squatted on a Bay Area woman’s Airbnb condo have finally left the premises.

Cory Tschogl arrived to her Palm Springs condo Wednesday and found it in good condition. “There was no crazy damages. Everything was actually kind of in order,” Tschogl told the Desert Sun. “So it was like, anti-climatic.”

It’s the first time she’s been there since renting to Maksym and Denys Pashanin, brothers who refused to leave the condo after renting for more than a month.

Aside from not paying after 30 days, Tschogl said Maksym Pashanin threatened to sue her, claiming tenant’s rights. A loophole in California’s tenant law protects renters staying for more than a month.

The Pashanin brothers slipped out unnoticed and Tschogl credits the media attention her story received for forcing them out.

The brothers are video game developers who have generated more than $40,000 in funds from Kickstarter campaigns but have yet to deliver a product to their investors.

Airbnb has promised to pick up the legal costs associated with the case.

Tschogl said she doesn’t blame Airbnb but is now ready to move on. “I don’t know if people can understand it but there’s this feeling of violation like being violated, so I don’t want anything to do with the way this place is now,” she said.” I’ll definitely change everything out if I’m going to keep it and keep renting it.”

It was not exactly clear when the Pashanin brothers left the condo.


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