Henry Rollins on Robin Williams, Suicide: ‘I No Longer Take This Person Seriously’

By Philip Cosores
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Henry Rollins (credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Henry Rollins (credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

(RADIO.COM) – Henry Rollins‘ weekly column for LA Weekly is causing a stir, and not because of the title, “F–K Suicide.”

In the thoughtful, empathetic piece, Rollins lays out his appreciation of Robin Williams, whom was found dead by his assistant last Monday from apparent suicide. He cites his acting in Good Will Hunting and Good Morning Vietnam, as well as both’s involvement with USO performances, with Rollins calling him “a good man.”

“When someone with this level of exposure dies in this way, it is confusing,” Rollins says. “An Oscar-winning actor, well-paid, with a career that most performers could only dream of — how could anyone so well regarded and seemingly fortunate have as much as even a single bad day, much less a life so unendurable that it has to be voluntarily voided?

“I am sure some will strongly disagree with what I’m about to say,” he continues, “And I also understand that his personal struggles were quite real. I can’t argue with that.

“But I simply cannot understand how any parent could kill themselves.”

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