SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Vendors, shops and restaurants around AT&T Park report business is booming with the San Francisco Giants in the playoffs as the team returns home for Game 3 of the National League Championship Series Tuesday, tied with the St. Louis Cardinals at one game apiece.

Rico McFarland, manager of the Bravado Lounge across from the ballpark, said they have ordered twice as much beer as usual and are almost double-staffed. As a fan, he was hoping for a win in Game 2, but he sees a silver lining.

“We’ll have a guaranteed of three games at home which is great for business— you know, our coffee, wine and beer sales,” McFarland said.

Meanwhile, Diane Tomacello—who has been homeless for 10 years, said she’ll be sitting on her suitcase, holding a sign that reads, “Homeless and Hungry. Please Help. Go Giants!”

“I could probably easily make a hundred something dollars, easily, if we win,” Tomacello said. “If we lose, I’ll probably still make something like 30-40.”

She said happy fans are more generous. “If they win, I win and that’s all that matters.”



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