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SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Justin Belluomini is the head chef at Southpaw BBQ in San Francisco. Having matriculated from the Memphis, Tennessee school of barbecue, he moved to California to expand his culinary career. Learning from some of the best in the Bay Area at Zuni Cafe and Epic Roasthouse he jumped at the opportunity to bring Southern heritage cooking to the Bay with the application of techniques new and old that he has acquired along the way.

His hobbies include cooking, cooking, and more cooking, using his free time to explore new ideas in food with modernist techniques and ingredients, as well as refining his approach to the classics. When not in the stainless steel sanctuary at Southpaw he can be found in his Tenderloin apartment exploring both fluid gels and mother sauces in equal measure. To eat at SOUTHPAW BBQ is to enjoy an authentic taste of the South with a Chef at the helm with real Southern roots. You’ll find some usual suspects on the menu but cooked with a little extra love here; hickory smoked BBQ chicken, dry rubbed & smoked Duroc pork ribs, pan-fried cat-fish to name a few. More than just hearty fare, Chef has also addded healthy offerings to the SOUTHPAW menu, like the GODDESS AVOCADO SALAD (sweet gems, cherry tomatoes, shaved pork, smoked chicken).

Chef Justin and the team will once again be serving up eats at OUTSIDE LANDS (August 7 -9th). Beef brisket, braised southern greens & smoked aioli in a bun will be served to hungry music fans at the 3 day festival. (http://www.sfoutsidelands.com) It’s a meal in a soft but robust bun and YES – if I had to I would sing to have this for my supper.

Enjoy our tasty talk and the delish BEEF BRISKET recipe. We washed ours down with a house crafted SOUTHPAW brew: “BIG BAD LEROY BROWN” (yes inspired by that song by Jim Croce (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvwDohEEQ1E ).

Venture to SOUTHPAW BBQ for all manner of things; the bangin’ BBQ, for the inviting bar and wide whisky selection AND the home crafted brews. Come for the aluminum service, yes the food comes to the table on aluminium trays, like this Mission Street joint itself, no pretense, no fuss here, just good eats, a rockin’ bar and friendly staff that greet you with a smile and a “thanks for coming” as you leave.
Cheers and see you at OUTSIDE LANDS, Liam!


Chef Justin Belluomini Brisket BBQSOUTHPAW BBQ’S

For the Collard Greens
5 bunches of collard greens, destemmed and torn
2 cups apple cider vinegar
1 cup Crystal hot sauce
1 cup Worcestershire sauce
4 oz brown sugar
2 onions, julienned
1.) sweat the onions and allow them to brown slightly, add in the brown sugar as well as salt, pepper, and a touch of dry rub
2.) add in the Crystal, the Worcestershire sauce, and the vinegar. Stire thoroughly and bring to a boil
3.) add in collard greens and simmer on low for 3-4 hours until the greens are tender and not at all bitter
Chef Justin Belluomini Brisket BBQ
For the Brisket
1 high quality beef brisket
1 quart of dry rub
1.) Thoroughly coat the brisket in dry rub at least 4 hours before cooking, prefereble 24 hours.
2.) Smoke at 195-210 over an equal mix of hickory and apple for 14-16 hours, until internal temperature reads 191
3.) Rest brisket under a foil tent for 35-45 minutes
4.) cutting equal amounts from the flat and the point, cube the brisket and mix it with some of its drippings
For the Smoked Aioli
4 egg yolks
1/4 cup dijon mustard
1 quart of vegetable oil
1-2 cups of drippings from barbecue brisket
apple cider vinear, to taste
1.) Combine the egg yolks with the dijon mustard and, while whisking vigourously, slowly stream in the entire quantity of vegetable oil to form a strong emulsion.
2.) whisk in the drippings collected from the brisket
3.) adjust with apple cider vinegar, salt and black pepper

Choose a hearty and durable, but soft bread. Aioli on the bottom bun, covered with brisket meat, then collard greens and aioli on the top bun. Enjoy with a friend or a beer, preferebly both.


For more on Southpaw BBQ & Southern Cooking, visit:


 liam mayclem bio head Foodie Chap With Chef Justin Belluomini of Southpaw BBQ & Southern Cooking

KCBS radio “Foodie Chap” and KPIX 5 television “Eye On The Bay” host Liam Mayclem introduces us to the culinary stars behind the food and wine loved by so many in the Bay Area.
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