SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Enhanced surveillance footage from the brutal beating of a man in San Francisco by Alameda County sheriff’s deputies in late 2015 has revealed a new twist in the case.

It’s one thing to hear a sheriff deputy stole from a suspect, it’s another to see him on video.

San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi said,”My eyes just popped open because I could not believe what I was seeing.”

The enhanced surveillance footage released by Adachi shows a white circle around a sheriff’s deputy twirling something shiny in his hand.

What you see on the video is one of the deputies, not the deputies involved in the beatings, but one that came afterwards who may be a superior officer. And he is swinging that chain around.

A gold chain which Adachi says belongs to Stanislav Petrov; a suspect who earlier in the evening led Alameda County deputies on a high speed chase.

Part of the surveillance video shows deputies hitting Petrov with their nightsticks over and over again.

None of the deputies has been charged with any crimes.


Two witnesses have come forward and said these officers bribed them by giving them the chain that you can see the officer swinging, as well as drugs and money in exchange for their silence.


Alameda County sheriff’s spokesman Ray Kelly said, “That part of the video is shocking. And for me personally, as a law enforcement officer, it’s shocking to see something like that. But these are allegations that need to be investigated  … if these are true, it’s very disturbing.”

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office has been investigating the case for the last five months and so far it remains to be seen whether there will be charges filed against the deputies.


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