(CBS SF) — Amid triple-digit temperatures in many parts of the state, the state’s electrical grid operator is urging people to conserve power Wednesday.

The California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) declared a Flex Alert for Wednesday, a formal request for consumers cut back their electricity use, especially during peak demand time from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Heavy air conditioner usage in hot areas of the state can put heavy demand on the electrical grid, and can prompt a flex alert warning.

Heat advisories, excessive heat warnings, and fire weather advisories have been issued for large portions of the western U.S.

In parts of the East Bay such as the Tri-Valley or eastern Contra Costa County, Wednesday was the 3rd or 4th day in a row of triple-digit or near triple-digit temperatures. Livermore hit 105 on Tuesday as was expected to see the same Wednesday.

Temperatures are expected to fall across the board by the weekend, but still into the 90s inland.

Bay Area air quality regulators Wednesday also issued a third Spare the Air alert in a row, and another has been issued for Thursday.

Smoke from the Soberanes Fire in Monterey County combined with automobile smog is expected to affect residents, especially the elderly, children and those with heart and lung conditions.

Bay Area residents are being asked to find other ways to get around besides driving gas-powered vehicles, and limit outdoor activity to early morning or late evening hours when smog is less prevalent.




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