New Evidence Goes Public After Brock Turner Release

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — The release of former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner following three months in jail for his conviction on sexual assault charges has allowed the public its first look inside his jail cell and some of the evidence that put him there.

The photos obtained by NBC News were taken after his arrest for sexual assault in January 2015. Dirt is still visible on his face along with red marks on his body.



Turner was injured after two Good Samaritans saw him assaulting his victim, an unconscious woman. They chased and tackled, holding him down until police arrived on the scene.

During his police interrogation, Turner wore a white jumpsuit and spoke in a deep voice. In the video recordings, he explained to the officer how he had seven beers and a few swigs of fireball whiskey at the party where he met the woman he was later accused of assaulting.

He claimed that a friend saw him making out with the woman, then walk away.

Turner said they were holding hands, and later said he touched her genitals.

“She seemed to enjoy it,” Turner is heard saying.

When the officer asked if the decision to make out was a mutual thing, Turner responds in the affirmative.

“She’s definitely kissing me back,” said Turner. “Definitely responsive. She was touching my back a little. My intentions were not to rape a girl. I was just trying to hook up with a girl.”


Carl Fredrik Arndt was one of the Good Samaritans who held turner down until police arrived.

They told police that as they held him, Turner said, “Dude, let’s talk about this. Just let me go,”

“I thought it was really weird the guy thought I was raping the girl,” Turner tells the officer during the interrogation.

When ask when the woman stopped responding, Turner replies, “Well, we didn’t kiss the entire time,” as he trails off.

Images of the cell were Turner served his time were also released.

Right before he was put behind bars, his victim read a powerful statement talking about how Turner’s story changed, after he learned she couldn’t remember anything.

“You do not get to pretend that there were no red flags, said the victim. You have been convicted of violating me, intentionally, forcibly, sexually, with malicious intent, and all you can admit to is consuming alcohol.”

The statement went viral around the world and inspired a huge outcry against the brevity of Turners sentence by Judge Aaron Persky.

Hours after Turner’s release, there was a protest over his short sentence.

Dozens of people also gathered outside the jail to demand the removal of Judge Persky. A campaign to recall him is still in the works.


One Comment

  1. Harold says:

    What is the big deal with this case? I mean college students have forceful sex and are into kinky role playing.

    1. Tn says:

      Hey Harold- so, it sounds to me like you would be totally okay with this college Turner dude, if your mom was partying hard at your college and Turner started molesting and doing your mom in some bushes while she was passed out?

      1. Kevin L says:

        Tn, why are you talking about being on this guy’s mom in some bushes. What if some guy’s dad was on top of your mom’s bush in the bushes. Why not ask that question?

  2. KP says:

    And ok if it were your daughter, Harold? Or a sister/cousin/friend? She was unconscious. You’re quite a guy.

    1. Kevin L says:

      I don’t know if Harold has a daughter and don’t really care. But if you are dumb enough to hook up with ugly white men like that, then you have to realize that bad juju is probably going to follow. At least he was not a black man because otherwise we would probably be talking about another AIDS transmission.

      1. Simon J says:

        You are so right about the black AIDS crisis and something that no one talks about in public. The reason is that so many women want to feel a big, thick one inside of them, but then are ashamed that they had to spread to let a black man violate them.

  3. Mari Todd says:

    Harold is probably a sex offender

    1. Kevin L says:

      Says the perv up at 4:36 am surfing on the Internet…

  4. Dalaina May says:

    “In the video recordings, he explained to the officer how he had seven beers and a few swigs of fireball whiskey at the party where he met the woman he was later accused of assaulting.”

    Should be…

    “In the video recordings, he explained to the officer how he had seven beers and a few swigs of fireball whiskey at the party where he met the woman he was later CONVICTED of assaulting.”

    Language matters. This is no longer an accusation. It’s a conviction of sexual assault. You’re a news channel. Please attempt to be accurate.

  5. Amy Roper says:

    Maybe they do, Harold. The difference is that they do so consensually, and while both parties are conscious and responsive. Brock Turner was found sexually assaulting and unconscious woman. Whether she had “been into it” or not before hand (and she vehemently states that she was not) is immaterial. She was not conscious, she could not give her consent and therefore it IS rape, plain and simple. You’d change your tune very fast if this happened to any woman that you care for. What a disgusting attitude you have.

    1. Kevin L says:

      We should not judge Harold. Otherwise, we become rapists of his freedom and then we all become Brokers. The only one who can judge is the ultimate judge and we cannot judge the finally judge nor his actions or thoughts because that would be unfitting.
      Maybe Harold understands things that we cannot possibly understand because none of us is the ultimate judge.

  6. stop calling him “former Stanford swimmer”. Its “RAPIST” Brock Turner…

    1. Kevin L says:

      This whole story is a waste of time when you consider the real issue out there in the world and everyone is focused on some spoiled rich kids who could not get their sex on properly.
      This thing will be forgotten by next week and we will realize that the economy matters above all else and always will.
      These two tools will be forgotten and we will all go back to our tech jobs and will be enjoying our free lunches and snacks in Mountain View while talking about the latest app that we downloaded over the weekend.

  7. Simon J says:

    The real issue that no one wants to talk about is that college women won’t admit it, but they all want to get their inner whor on and they like to get s%^tfaced and then not take responsibility for it.
    That woman created so much confusion for this poor young man simply because she could not exercise good judgement. This sort of scenario is happening all over the U.S. and all because young college women have the need to have their cllit tickled and don’t want to come out and say it.

    1. Toby W says:

      You speak the truth, bro. Women need to look at themselves and their poor decision making and stop blaming guys for these incidents.

      1. Jonny Mac says:

        All the more reason should be kept in the home until they are married off. Clearly they cannot exercise good judgement when it comes to getting drunk and dropping their panties.

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