Mange-Stricken Coyote Hit By Car In Danville, Ending Search

DANVILLE (CBS SF) — A coyote suffering from mange that prompted a search for the animal was hit and killed by a car in Danville, wildlife officials said.

Video had caught the animal roaming around the town.

Wildlife Emergency Services had been trying to track the animal in hopes of taking it to a wildlife hospital for treatment, but the animal eluded capture.

Mange is a skin disease caused by mites.  Wildlife officials planned to send the body to a state lab for testing.


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  1. tn says:

    Poor coyote. It had so much press coverage that the popularity got to this skittish animal and it probably caused it to walk in front of a moving car, thus, ending it all. RIP Mange Man.

  2. Mange now often is associated with the use of anti-coagulant rodenticides (ARs) — more commonly known as rat poison — to control pests.

    Recent studies by National Park Service biologists in the Santa Monica Mountains showed that 83 percent of coyotes had been exposed to AR. Spread the word to stop using this, as it’s impacting all of our wildlife, not just supposed animals you want to get rid of, such as rats.

    It produces a particularly gruesome death. AR inhibits the K vitamin and blood clotting in an animal. After eating the poison, the animal dies after several days from internal bleeding.

    Poisoned animals may be easy prey for other animals. They in turn become poisoned. This is secondary poisoning.

    Coyotes often are the victim of tertiary poisoning. They become subject to mange and other harmful conditions.

    AGAIN, SPREAD THE WORD TO NEIGHBORS and BUSINESSES. STOP USING POISON. Also, ensure that trash dumpsters close securely to keep out pests. Call large trash haulers who often are not providing dumpsters that seal properly. Eliminating the food source will keep rat populations down.

    Find out more at the Santa Monica Mountains Fund (

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