Kaepernick Controversy Prompts Security Concerns For 49ers Games In Santa Clara

SANTA CLARA (KPIX 5) — There are concerns about security at upcoming 49ers games at Levi’s Stadium after the Santa Clara Police Union threatened to boycott working there over Colin Kaepernick’s protests.

It has been the big question over the weekend.

“We will have plenty of cops at the next Niner game. That game is already adequately staffed,” Santa Clara Police Lieutenant Dan Moreno said.

Moreno says they just want to get through the next couple of games before they make any big decisions.

“I think the POA wanted to be heard. They wanted to address some inflammatory statements that weren’t true. So, that’s what they did,” Moreno said.

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The questions started Friday night when board members of the Santa Clara police officers association sent the 49ers a letter over Kaepernick’s postgame comments about police violence, calling his words “insulting”.

The letter called the pig-police socks Kaepernick wore to practice two weeks ago “derogatory.”

The letter went on to say “if the 49ers organization fails to take action to stop this type of inappropriate workplace behavior, it could result in police officers choosing not to work at your facilities.”

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On average, it takes about 130 volunteer officers per event, with Santa Clara cops making up about half the security force.

Santa Clara police officers make time and a half, about $50 to $90 per hour to staff the games, depending on their base salary.

Officers from outside agencies make $65 an hour.

It’s the stadium that pays their wages, not the city.

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If there aren’t enough volunteers, Santa Clara Police Chief Michael Sellers must provide staffing, and can order his officers to work.

The chief issued his own letter saying in part he “will urge the POA leadership to put the safety of our citizens first. I will work with both sides to find a solution.”

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One Comment

  1. They’ll be there, and get a lesson on what TRUE power looks like. Carry on Kap!

    1. Spicoli says:

      Notepad won’t be playing because he sucks at football. Then he has no class, like you.

      He will be gone soon.

    2. Mike Robe says:

      moron…. Before you open your cake cruncher may you should look at the facts of the incident instead of thinking that robbers, thugs and heroin dealers are pillars of the minority community and above the laws

    3. Blacks are only 13% of the US population, but commit 65% of the VIOLENT CRIMES in America.


    4. Common Sense says:

      Acting like a racist moron has consequences!! AS all the black racist insist, he can do this and I support it!! OK, yes you can but your actions also have consequences!! Blue Lives of all Colors mean more to me!!

      1. You sound like typical brainwashed idiot that allows cops to get away with horrible crimes no matter what, you are fool on the wrong side of the issue along with millions of other stupid sheep in this country.

    5. Zeke445455 says:

      The sad part is, you have no idea what kind of knee-dragging fanboi you sound like. Try setting your sights a little higher.

    6. Zeke445455 says:

      The sad part is, you have no ideal what kind of knee-dragging fanboi you sound like. Try setting your sights a little higher.

  2. B Da Truth says:

    Kaepernick is just another ungrateful negro from the vast amount of money and resources this nation has wasted trying to appease the Africans living here. Kaepernick has all the money he needs to leave, and should be encouraged to do so. This African in America BS just has to stop.

      1. doc holiday says:

        No,he’s just speaking the truth.

      2. B Da Truth says:

        Not at all, I marched for Civil Rights and equality probably before you were born, but I did not march for freedom only to become someone’s else’s slave still paying their bills 40 years later. Seriously how much do you think this nation has spent to bring about ‘equality’?

      3. Aleric says:

        It will never be enough DB, Liberals never have enough money, power or influence until the control it ALL. Seig heil National Socialists, the true base of the DNC.

  3. John Gault says:

    The police shouldn’t go anywhere near that stadium. The 49’ers team and owners are compliant with their silent agreement with Mr. K in allowing his display of unpatriotic behavior.

    After all, Why would they want Uneducated, racist murderers (K’s Words) protecting them?

    Hire the Black Panthers, or maybe BLM. See how far that gets you!

    1. whinnyarsefootballplayers says:


    2. Blacks are only 13% of the US population, but commit 65% of the VIOLENT CRIMES in America.


      1. FrankieD says:

        It’s worst than that Joe. Lets go deeper into the math.
        12% total black population of 320,000,000 = 38,400,000
        49% of that 38,400,000 black population are male = 18,400,000
        12% of that 18,400,000 black male population between 18-35 = 2,261,000

        The percentage of black males aged 18-35 of the total US population of 320,000,000 = .007 %
        and it is that .007% commit 65% of all violent crime in the US, so is it any wonder why US cops
        have to focus on that one segment of the population.

  4. Kaepernick has money…let him hire his own security.

  5. S.S. McDonald says:

    Seems to me that ANY coach with INTEGRITY would discipline a miscreant player. Where’s the management of the NFL taking a stand? Where’s discipline from the management of the SF football team?

  6. whinnyarsefootballplayers says:

    The letter called the pig-police socks Kaepernick wore to practice two weeks ago derogatory

  7. Chief Michael Sellers the world is watching and so is SF’s market.

  8. Mike Gilmer says:

    There is no way I would provide security for any of these entitled miscreants like the punk Kaepernick. I would get the Blue Flu very quickly if assigned to any such event.

  9. DJHoward says:

    Good, I hope every cop pulls out. These ignorant, racist activist clowns who lie through their teeth, ignore the crimes these ‘innocent’ victims of police brutality were engaged in and of course the fact that the number 1 killer of young black men is other young black men!

    Thanks barry, you moron. Race baiting, lies, deceit and corruption – the hallmarks of the odumbo administration… well, and abysmal policy failures!

  10. cleo48 says:

    This will end, and it will be ended by the team management in combination with sponsors. This spectacle is repugnant from any angle.

  11. Stash says:

    The only shame in this whole Kaepernick fiasco is the fact that this ungrateful POS is already wealthy enough to never have to earn an honest living.

  12. I don’t agree with Mr. Kaepernick’s methods but I defend his right to do so.

  13. toledofan says:

    I say that everyone should boycott the game, fans, security, and everyone who thinks this is repugnant and distasteful. The entire episode and drama surrounding this should have been addressed and Kaepernick should have been suspended or fined. Sell your tickets, pick a new team, do buy anything at the game, do something to make the front office notice.

  14. Rastaz Muhammund says:


  15. FreeiN1983 says:

    Pick a different week.. Minimizing police presence on 15th anniversary of 911 might not be wise and will likely not garner a lot of support for even the noblest of causes.

  16. pat eckes says:

    I was informed that Kapernick was married to a Muslim woman, joined the muslin church. All in the off season. Can anyone confirm this???

    1. entagor says:

      wikioedia said Kaepernick is dating Nessa Diab, an MTV personality who is a practicing muslim

  17. MSxx says:

    They haven’t cut Krapenik yet?

  18. tom hope says:

    BOYCOTT the Game—KAP is just another has been who wants attention to stay in the game.
    He is washed up. Get rid of him NOW

  19. Jen Magnus says:

    Boycott the game and get this cop hating racist off the team!

  20. David Ross says:

    EVERYONE has this wrong. Here is what happened. Kap was sitting on the bench pouting about being “benched” and made the back up and some film crew or photog “caught” him so he made up this stupid story about oppression in America.

    If this was really some cause of his, he had plenty of time to “act” on it and far better ways to “do something” than sitting on a bench “hoping” someone sees him so he can suddenly “speak up”…he is a pouty baby, nothing more and the media has given this silliness a life of its own.

    My guess is Kap wakes up everyday cursing that anyone caught him pouting in the first place cuz now he has to back up his childish lie…..

  21. NFL football is slowly becoming tiresome and passe. Looks like it’s on the downward side of it’s arc. WGAS, WGAF

  22. SamEagle says:

    It’s quite obvious the only book he’s read was Malcolm X pop up book. University of New Mexico graduated this guy? Listen to him speak. Another case where a White people have taken in a bi-racial adoption, and “we’re” the racists? He’s been watching too many Halle Berry movies.

  23. so sorry says:

    Standing for the Star Spangled Banner is a privilege in my book. Take away his privilege. He’s not permitted to stand. Let him sit!

  24. vandela says:

    Pretty rich boy refuses to respect the National Anthem & American flag and wears socks depicting cartoon pigs in police uniforms – because in his words, police “murder minorities” and he won’t stand for “a country that oppresses black people and people of color”.

    Apparently this racist spoon fed multi-millionaire doesn’t get it. The country he hates has done quite a lot for “black people and people of color” (and muslim refugees) – free food, free housing, free health care, free lunches & breakfasts for their kids, free utilities, free cellphones, and free legal representation – all topped off with a monthly check. Then there’s hiring & school admission preferences if they want to work or attend college, and guaranteed passing grades.

    In addition to disrespecting police who put their lives on the line to protect and serve, he’s disrespecting veterans who fought & died to provide this kind of general welfare, security, opportunity, and freedom. The punk is a juvenile, hate-filled, despicable human being.

  25. White Privilege    =      Being held responsible for the acts of America’s distant and few ancestors that NONE of us had a thing to do with – by the same folks who accept no responsibility for the acts of their children, OR themselves. 

  26. Opening Day is the 15th Anniv of 9-11. A lot of NYPD officers gave their lives running INTO the buildings trying to save lives, never checking the victims’ race.

  27. FU Socialist Joos says:

    The socialist j00 run NFL is making war against the police for taking out the violent black trash who “rool da screets”….and the j00 media hates that too

  28. FU Socialist Joos says:

    Will Racist Kn11gger Obama suspend the elections, or nullify the results?

  29. Craig Hobson says:

    Actually kneeling is pledging fealty to. Really who cares.

  30. John says:

    I suggest the children of fallen soldiers and police give him a chair to sit his sorry a$$ in during the National anthem. .

  31. Wharfplank says:

    Poor little rich white BLM kid…reminds me of a particular US President.

  32. Hieken Balze says:

    Peace thru Obnoxious.

  33. Patrick Duffy says:

    Why are taxpayer-funded cops protecting a PRIVATE event?

  34. Hieken Balze says:

    One thing is for certain Colin will never be voted, “All American”.

  35. Bob says:

    There are other forms of protest that does not insult America. That said. I will not watch a single down of football this season until this addressed by the league…

  36. Vince Vesper says:

    Up in the sky, look – it’s a bird, it’s a plane – no, it’s super Cathy Lanier!

  37. Teabone Hall says:

    One of the first rules of police work is NEVER make a threat that you are not ready to instantly follow through with. Looks like an empty threat here to me.

  38. So much ire for a guy that after the anthem is done playing will be left sitting on a bench. The only reason the niners did not cut him was because of the phony cause he is hiding behind.

  39. Jim says:

    You want to make a statement? Call every sponsor of this game and voice your disgust with what you have witnessed. If enough call they (NFL, 49ers, etal) will get the message.

  40. Jay Smith says:

    Anyone who has expressed that much hatred towards his country should be cavity searched before entering a stadium with 70,000 Americans.

  41. Yeah. How dare he have a view the police union doesn’t like. What do you think this is..a free country? They have the right to treat the NFL like the thought police they are. Until he gets down and worships at the foot of the brave blue wall, he will be vilified for thinking thoughts they don’t like. America!!!!! Freedom to express thoughts that some don’t like is not respected anymore.

  42. Mike Mora says:

    40 years a 49er’s fan and I’ll cherish the memories. As long as this unintelligent anarchist is on the team I will be a football fan with no team. Eventually I’ll wean myself completely from the NFL. Their response to this was weak so maybe it’s just time to start looking at other things to do on Sundays.

  43. sue says:

    Kaepernick and the 49ers deserve the same respect they have accorded the police.

  44. Devan says:

    So if I bring a Confederate flag and unfurl it during the National AnthemObama will say that’s my constitutional right? No, like the rest of the left he is a hypocrit. His only allegiance is to political correctness. And as for oppression? Between the NFL, MLB, NBA the entertainment and media industries, et.al, the United States creates more minority millionaires every year than all other countries….combined!

  45. Zeke445455 says:

    If you have to boycott, boycott — don’t talk.

  46. Jess Sain says:

    Perhaps you should protest yob baby dumping you and your nonexistent hood daddy running out faster than a cat in a room full of dobermans. Worst of all you became the white mans burden to raise you, educate you, feed and clothe you only so you could grow up to be a whiny self indulgent candy a s s.

  47. IF they are ordered to work, I think we’ll see a major case of the blue flu every game.

  48. B Da Truth says:

    I think that one is coming back Bob, I think Kapernick’s pink shoelace for breast Cancer Awareness month may have brushed that blade of grass before his knee was down. Good eyes Kwanee it does look like the pink shoelace was dangling down and may have touched the grass, Let’s look at that one again for 10 minute on the video replay.

  49. Since cops are evil, let them stay home. Chicago and Baltimore proves you don’t needs cops to fill the local morgue with dead black people.

  50. pop seal says:

    $3.2 trillions in welfare since 1965, black president and DOJ, judges, mayors, police chiefs, and uncountable successful business people all tell me that anybody feeling oppressed……it’s his/her own fault.

  51. potvin99 says:

    Don’t threaten boycott, do it!

  52. Working security for sporting events is a classic part-time gig for law enforcement officers. If they opt to spend their night off at home that is their business. Good for them. Might be good for their family lives

  53. Cosmo Tupper says:

    The police make a little extra moonlighting cash by working these events. The police should not be boycotting anything. I think the police should not be allowed to work these events and let the private venue hire private security. Is law enforcement going to stop protecting some in this country’s citizens they deem unworthy and protect only those they deem worthy (by whatever standard?) of protection? So not only are the godly, picking and choosing which sins to ignore and which to lambast, the taxpayer supported police are going to pick and choose whom they protect and serve. Maybe they already are picking and choosing. Picking and choosing to harass certain people, while at the same time picking and choosing those to “respect”.

    Kaepernick is standing up for ALL minorities, which is his right granted by our constitution protected by our military.

    Sure are a lot of racist comments being made here and is indicative of the mindset being promoted by our current crop of GOPers.

  54. Michele says:

    If I were the police officers, I would go ahead and work the games. Why should they miss out on that kind of money, because of one fool?? Colin Kaepernick would be the LAST person I would jump up to protect, should that become necessary. These idiots (and I have seen a few) love to run their mouths, and protest…that is until they need police protection themselves!! Case in point was the Subway Sandwich Shop worker who praised the killers of Officiers Deen and Tate of the Hattiesburg Police Dept.

  55. connie j beeks says:

    if he’s not happy with this country let him take the first boat or plane out and take his protest with him.

  56. Arjen Robben says:

    Thanks a lot! This is an astounding web site!.

  57. Sustain the helpful job and bringing in the group!

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