Accused Drunk Driver In Fatal I-680 Crash Involved In Alleged DUI Crash Weeks Prior

(KPIX 5) — A woman arrested in an alleged drunk driving crash in San Ramon that killed a three-year-old boy had been involved in another alleged DUI crash involving her own child just weeks before.

Yarinet Malihan of Pleasanton, the wife of a Alameda County Sheriff’s deputy, was arrested after officers said she was under the influence when she plowed into a disabled car along Interstate 680 on Friday night.

Crashed Vehicle on I-680

Crash scene on I-680 in San Ramon. (CBS)

The crash killed a three-year-old boy and severely injured the boy’s mother.

On June 7, Malihan was involved in another alleged DUI crash in Pleasanton. In that crash, one of Malihan’s children was in the car at the time, according to sources cited by KPIX 5.

Following a delay for blood work to be completed, the Alameda County District Attorney’s office filed misdemeanor charges of DUI and child cruelty on July 27.

There have been no formal charges against Malihan in the latest crash. Her family was able to get her released from custody on bail.


One Comment

  1. Carson Watson says:

    What’s wrong with our system of justice? If it’s true this woman who killed the little boy on Friday was already involved in another accident, supposedly DUI related, how could she be free on bail as a result of her latest “accident”? This is disgusting. DUI crimes where innocents are basically murdered should be punished to the full extent of the law. In Scandinavian countries, licenses are confiscated, people are humiliated. Our laws or applications there of are a disgrace. This woman should be in prison. And to top it off is it true her husband is a sheriff’s deputy? Unbelievable!

    1. What do the actions of one adult have anything to do with another? Just because her husband is a Deputy should not have anything to do with what the consequences the DUI driver should encounter. The spouse wasn’t driving, she was. She is the one that made the choice to drink and drive and endanger other’s lives. I don’t think it’s fair her husband should even be mentioned at all. I hope they throw every book at her and throw away the key, never allowing her to drive or be part of our society again!

      1. says:

        Sue, if the husband was a responsible person, he would have prohibited her from driving as any responsible spouse would do, to protect his wife from injury or death as well as others she might confront as a result of her irresponsibility. And, sorry, but her husband has a lot to do with the situation since he probably sees this type of situation all the time in his work.

  2. T. Armendariz says:

    If this is true that this woman Yarenit Liliana Malihan was involved in a DUI incident 3 weeks ago with her own child and now another DUI incident killing someone else’s child that is DISGUSTING. Is this woman going unchecked and without consequences because she is a Sheriff Deputy’s Wife? Come on. This woman obviously needs an intervention. The enabling going on because of status will not bring about change.

  3. Jenni Li says:

    > Charges including, DUI and child cruelty, are still pending as
    > authorities are waiting on blood test results…

    What “writer” wrote that? Didn’t they ever learn how to use commas?

  4. And if she was not the wife of a Cop – she would have a no bail stay in custody … So SAD

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