OAKLAND (KPIX 5) — A major vote by Nevada lawmakers soon could put the Oakland Raiders on track for a move to Las Vegas, but a fan is trying to pull off a goal-line stand.

Call it a long shot or a desperate Hail Mary, but John Lupo is not about to give up on the Raiders.

He’s the guy who made the “Stay in Oakland” signs.

Lupo says a couple of Nevada organizations reached out to him and he made cards for them, trying to stop Nevada lawmakers from using public money to pay for a stadium.

“We’re hoping to get as many emails as possible, and it we can get the cards in to the legislature’s hands on Monday morning,” says Lupo.

He and others are trying to get Nevada voters to put pressure on their lawmakers.

The Nevada governor called a special session for Monday. They’ll vote on whether or not to raise the hotel tax. If passed, taxpayers will chip in $750 million toward a stadium in Las Vegas.

Some Nevada groups say this is giving welfare to the rich.

“Why are we going to supply billionaires funding if they can build it themselves,” says Lupo.

Given it’s a special session, some Bay Area fans believe the Nevada governor must know he probably has enough votes to pass it.

“Even though the Nevada thing, we assume it’s a yes, it’s going to go forward Monday,” says Chris Dobbins, founder of Save Oakland Sports. “They still have many hurdles to go forward. So we’re you know, let’s just stay baby.”

Oakland fans aren’t giving up. They believe NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott and his investment group can build a stadium in town.

“Lott and his team has the NFL connection, the knowledge and the money,” says Griz Jones, head of Forever Oakland.

Ronnie Lott’s group is negotiating with the city and county to either buy or lease the land, the coliseum site. He would then build a stadium here.

  1. bobbg says:

    This is somthing the NFL and federal government is going to need to look into. Its moving established teams from one city to a different one to have taxpayers pay for a stadium and these club owners and the NFL rake in big bucks off the teams. How about making them foot the bill for the team and stadium and lease its use to the city for other events or just lease it out for an event. Its a business and they can make profits off of it. Even if A team lost money one year they could use that for a tax write off.

    What happens if this is built, and it has no fan base to speak of, 3 years go by with negative profits and the Raiders get an offer to move to ST Louis MO?
    Who gets stuck paying for this sports arena? You can it can’t happen?

    It has happened when the Kings moved from Kansas City to Sacramento and the Sports arena we built sat empty since 1985 they were her for 10 years no way did the teams in the stadium pay for its construction and use in that 10 years.

    This doesn’t hold true for Football only, it applies to every Pro sport. Kemper Arena has sat empty for the last 40 years without a team in it. So what did Kansas City do Build the Sprint center to attract a new team but its also sat empty for its so far short lifespan. But it has made Kansas City money in other ways not related to sports. As well as Collage play off’s. And just recently a Hockey team’s game.

    Look what Wichita KS did for Boeing the last 80 years and how Boeing picked up and moved out of state.

    Cities and states need to get out of real estate development game. and stop these public projects.
    Let the Private sector build there own stuff and maintain it. They charge enough for tickets and parking to build 3 more let alone profits from advertising and broadcasting and what not.

    Las Vegas will open up in house gambling on sports legally. Then the house will win.
    Perhaps this should pay for venues like this.

    I’m sure the nation has a lot of empty sports arenas and stadiums tax payers paid for and do not have a team in and have to pay for upkeep of them out of the general budget. Money that would go a long way to improve Roads, Water Pipes, Bridges Fire and police ex… you know the stuff a city should be working on. The stuff we pay taxes for.

    If a City wants to attract a team all they need to do is get everything else into order.

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