SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Rap artist Luther Campbell, whose group 2 Live Crew gained a degree a notoriety with use of a slang term for female genitalia, said even he is put off by Donald Trump’s remarks about women as captured on a recently released video.

The hip-hop legend caused waves on Instagram recently when he called out Republican Party members for defending Donald Trump’s characterization of the controversial remarks as “locker room talk.”

Campbell knows all about the p-word, with 2 Live Crew hits such as “We Want Some P—y” and “Me So Horny.”

In an interview with Live 105 disc jockey Kevin Kline Tuesday, Campbell noted many in the GOP and conservative organizations routinely bashed 2 Live Crew and fellow rap artists for their sexually provocative lyrics.

2 Live Crew members were once jailed after a performance and the group battled obscenity rulings during their heyday in the late 80s and early 90s.

Hear The Full Audio Clip on Live 105

Still, Campbell made it clear that his lyrics are all about celebrating consensual sex. “The difference between me and Trump, the music that we make, is we glorify the vagina, we don’t take it. He’s talking about rape, and we’re talking about hey, we want some p,” Campbell said.

Campbell said he, along with Mike Tyson and Eddie Murphy, once attended a “wild” party at Donald Trump’s West Palm Beach mansion that was too out of control for Campbell’s sensibilities.

“He had all these women running around,” Campbell said of the party. “I couldn’t take what was going on and I left.”





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