SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Dozens of UCSF IT workers left their job for the last time Tuesday night, walking out of their office with boxes packed after being replaced by cheaper labor overseas.

Carrying an American flag, his son’s artwork and pictures from his desk, former UCSF technology staffer Kurt Ho told KPIX 5 he doesn’t know how to go home tell his kids to pursue science like he did.

“They may come back and say, ‘Dad, you don’t have a job,'” said Ho. “They’re going to ship all of those jobs overseas, don’t tell me to join the science program.”

Kurt is one of 49 employees saying goodbye to each other and their six-figure salaries at UCSF.

They’ve spent the past four months training their replacements from HCL Technologies in India.

They learned they’d be losing their jobs back in July. Ho said that changed how he voted in November.

“I voted democratic all my life in California, explained Ho. For the first time this year, I voted for President Trump.”

President Trump has promised to overhaul the H1-B visa program, which allows American companies to employ highly skilled workers from other countries rather than hiring locally.

UCSF declined our request for an on camera interview but released a statement that read in part, “IT costs have nearly tripled between 2011 and 2016. This move will save UCSF $30 million over the next 5 years. UCSF will not replace IT employees with H-1B visa holders”

But that statement is misleading. UCSF already hired H1-B employees from India to come to this country for training. They’ve since returned to India.

So they aren’t working under H1-B visas, only training under them.

Abuse of the H1-B program is currently under investigation by the California legislature. The 49 fired workers hope speaking out prevents this from happening at other universities.

“If it works and they get away with it, it’s a free for all, said former UCSF tech worker Audrey Hatten-Milhollen. It could happen at any other campus it could happen at any of the 10 UC’s.”

“As an American, I think enough is enough,” said Ho. “We need to say we’re going to stop this now.”

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  1. John Rambo says:

    This is the reason why America elected Donald Trump

    1. The majority who voted for Trump are dumb whites who could not keep up with the ever-changing realities of today’s workforce. The come from buttfuking states like West Virginia where they enjoy bending over their sisters and call them Mom.

  2. Krys Foster says:

    as an IT professional with 30+ years experience and education, its an insult to those like me that say these tech form india are MORE qualified when they come here and have to be trained, its bs, companies like Disney should be boycotted until they fill jobs with americans that ARE fully qualified, and this ucsf needs to be shut down for its actions

    1. Maybe if people like you were not overpaid, IT jobs would not have to be outsourced. The good news is that hopefully more and more people will be out of a job and will be replaced with automation and robots and there will be less and less a need for humans in general.
      That would indeed be a blessing that the Lord could bless us with indeed. May God continue to help us outsource jobs to 3rd world nations like India and bring the savings to us.
      Thank you Lord for you are great and wonderful.

  3. Krys Foster says:

    *correction i was under the impression UCSF was a company its a college, so public funds are being used to support another countries workers to educate our kids?? this is ludicrous and insulting

    1. Are you sure you are an IT professional? You seem quite stupid.

  4. Ho voted Dems for 30 years. Look where it got him. And what`s Moonbeams or Pelosi`s thoughts on this ? They are more concerned about illegals and votes then Americans.

  5. Ho sounds like a HO and a little biatch who got complacent in the workforce. I am sure unemployment will be fine and dandy for this overpaid turd.

  6. Rosalyn Goh says:

    And UCSF will learn much like other tech companies I’ve worked with who attempted to outsource to India that you have to be careful because you may just get what you paid for. I work in tech and have become reticent to hire Indian because their computer science education is not up to standards set by this country and in some other countries. It is wildly inconsistent. I have worked with some excellent Indian engineers but I have also been unfortunate enough to work with several who had played up experience they did not have on their resume only for us to find out they could not do the job they promised they could do. Safeway tried to outsource to India when my sister worked there years ago (15 ish years ago) but found the quality to be inconsistent and have since returned to hiring locally. You get what you pay for, being cheap doesn’t always mean you get the same quality of employee. Good luck when you rack up problems and bugs when you find your Indian engineers don’t quite perform as they promised.

    To give more evidence to my argument here’s a story my tech lead told me about a job he had long long ago. He used to work as a test engineer for a company that handled lasers. Now the company liked to save $$ by hiring cheap Indian contractors and sending them back once their visas were expired. He was put in charge of a team that was having trouble getting their whole setup going. One part was some kind of device they had to calibrate and he asked them, “so did you double check your setup of the test device with the manual?” and they were like nodding yes yes of course what do you think we are. One frustrating week later he finally double checked the test device setup with the manual, they had no read it and they had one part backwards. Yes, you get what you pay for UCSF. I will laugh when inevitably the problems come and we hear about it in the news.

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