CLAYTON (CBS SF) – For second grader Alli Brooks it started out as an adventure. Now, she simply wants to go back to school.

Alli’s family lives in one of the 90 residences somewhat isolated by a massive slide that has shut down Morgan Territory Road in Clayton.

The residents access to the outside world is now a narrow, twisting rural road that eventually gets you to Livermore.

It has been weeks since the slide and Alli – like most local residents – want to return to her normal lifestyle.

“Well going to school is not fun anymore…but I do miss my teacher and my friends,” she told KPIX 5.

Alli’s mother – Krista – says here is simply no easy route to get to her kids school in Walnut Creek.

“I mean my kids go to school in Walnut Creek,” she said. “Lots of the kids go to school here in Clayton and to have to go all the way around to get back to Clayton. There is no easy route”

“I have a 3, 6, 8 year olds and to tell them that we are going to be in car for hours it’s not ok,” she added.

The majority of the local residents days are consumed by chores they once took for granted like going to the grocery store.

They now must lug their groceries and other belongings a half mile to several miles to and from their homes to their cars parked on the other side of the slide.

“It would be great not to have to grab groceries and put them in a cart and hike back,” said resident Pat Duggan.

Officials said they can’t repair the slide because the earth is still moving 10 to 12 inches a day.

Currently, the county is exploring three alternate routes through private land.

“If we get an alternate route out of here, we really don’t care how long it takes to fix it (the slide),” Duggan said. “Take all the time you need to make it perfect.”


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