SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – The San Francisco Unified School District is expected to send out thousands of school assignment letters Monday, several days behind schedule.

Parents have grown impatient wondering where their kids will be going to school, after officials delayed issuing assignments for at least 14,000 students.

Assignment letters were supposed to go out last week but didn’t happen. The SFUSD said staffing emergencies have delayed the process.

Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco, a local nonprofit working with the district, has been answering questions.

“We’ve definitely talked to some people who applied to multiple places, so they may have applied to public school, and may have also applied to parochial school or private school,” Robin Dutton-Cookston told KPIX 5. “And they’ve received letters from those schools and they want to make informed choices so they waiting to hear from SFUSD so they can make the best choice for their family.”

Parents can choose from 130 schools in the district, but there is no guarantee that families will get the school of their choice, even if that school is in their neighborhood.


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