SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A woman was killed and two other men suffered leg wounds when a gunman opened fire in San Francisco’s Oceanview neighborhood Wednesday morning, authorities said.


Lian Wu’s niece says her aunt was walking to the bus stop on Wednesday morning when she was shot to death in her Oceanview neighborhood. Now her family is hoping to move their daughter to a safer home.

Gwen Brown was one of the first people on the scene. Her non-profit works to deter violence with inner city youth, she says her training kicked in when she saw two men bleeding on the ground. When she saw the woman next to them, she knew she wouldn’t survive.

“We heard boom boom boom boom boom it was gunshots,” Brown said. “I tried to check her pulse and I didn’t feel anything I felt her neck and then I felt her wrist and I didn’t feel anything.”

Newly released 911 sound gives us a glimpse into the chaotic triple shooting on Plymouth Ave and Broad Street. Police call all victims innocent bystanders; we know one of the men was working for Muni at the time shots rang out. Initial reports detail the car the suspects may have been driving.

“Suspect vehicle description as a newer white model BMW 7 series, negative on plates” said the 911 dispatcher.

SFPD Lt Richard Goss said, “This is an area we’re familiar with we had some issues in the past.”

In fact, it’s the third homicide here in six months.

Police will be stepping patrols over the next few days. At this point, police can offer few answers as to what exactly happened.

Goss said, “I don’t know how many suspects we’re looking for at the moment, I don’t know what the motive is at the moment.”

For Brown, it’s all hitting extremely close to home, not because this has happened here before, but because she knows what this woman’s family is about to go through.

“My brother was killed,” Brown said. “So I feel for their family so much, so very much.”

According to San Francisco police, officers responded to shots being fired near the intersection of Broad Street and Plymouth Avenue at around 10:40 a.m.

Once on the scene, the officers found three victims — two men with minor wounds and a woman mortally wounded. All three were transported to the hospital.

The gunman had fled the scene.

“The old lady was on the ground bleeding,” said local resident Bonnie Gonzales, who rushed to aid the victims. “She was dead already. I couldn’t help her.”

The shooting took place near a barber shop and Municipal Railway stop – one of the male victims was reportedly a Muni contractor. The flurry of bullets left behind broken windows and glass panels.

“I thought it was a cherry bomb,” Gonzales said. “I heard a pop-pop-pop.”

Investigators were talking with local residents to see if they had any tips as to who the gunman was. A description of the gunman had not been released.

Traffic was shut down in both directions on Broad Street during the investigation. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has re-routed the M-Oceanview light-rail line and 54-Felton bus line as a result of the shooting.

  1. Sounds like more inferior city garbage to me. If you are dumb enough to live in the city, then you have to be able to deal with bullets a flyin and biatches a cryin. LOL

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