(CBS Local) — The latest trends in jeans may have customers saying they’ve “seen it all.”

French brand Vetements took to Instagram to share their cheeky new collaboration with Levi’s. There are some other jeans giving shoppers an eyeful.

Nordstrom made headlines for selling pairs of “pre-dirtied” jeans for $425. The fashion retailer is also selling a $95 pair of “clear knee mom jeans.”

The jeans were created by the brand Topshop. Those aren’t the only revealing pants Topshop has created. They’re also marketing a fully clear, plastic pair of jeans for $100 according to their website.

Shoppers have rushed to social media to make fun of the latest trend in high-priced pants.

Even sporting wear company Reebok jumped in on the fun, offering their new “sweaty” t-shirt. Reebok jokingly promises the fake shirt comes with “authentic sweat for those who don’t have time to put in the real work.”


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