CLEVELAND (CBS SF) — Sports is riddled with superstitions so you can’t blame the Golden State Warriors if they are trying something a little bit different as the clock counts down to Wednesday’s tip-off of Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

Twice before the Warriors have rolled into Cleveland’s Quicken Loan Arena for Game 3 of an NBA Finals and both times they have gone way with a loss. Last year, it wasn’t even close.

“They just took it to us right from the beginning,” said Kerr of the Cavs 120-90 win last year on Tuesday. “I remember our offense was pushed back to half court the first few possessions. They set a great tone. I think they went up big right away.”

While Golden State is 14-0 this season in the playoffs, they went a combined 2-6 in Game 3s in the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 playoffs.

At shoot around Wednesday, Kerr revisited the question of why Game 3s have been a challenge.

“(Game 3 is) always difficult no matter what happens in the first two games,” he said. “The venue change changes the dynamics. Changes the emotion. We’ve been here the last two years and got hammered twice in Game 3 so we now what we are up against.”

Kerr also reflected on the Warriors Game 3 woes before the current playoff run.

“We historically have not done great in Game 3s,” he said. “But so far, so good this year. We are 3-0. We feel like this is a different team not just because of personnel but because of our accumulative experience over the last few years in the playoffs. We have a better handle on how you have to approach things. We understand what is coming at us. The force that they are going bring and we have stand up to that.”

Curry also is aware of the Game 3 challenge.

“We have a huge hurdle to get over tomorrow (Game 3),” Curry said. “Game 3’s (in the Finals) have been rough for us. Historically, especially in this building.”


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