DALY CITY (CBS SF) — A neighborhood in Daly City is on alert after a series of porch thefts, one of which were caught on a security camera.

The video shows an older model green BMW sedan rolling up to a home on the 300 block of Northgate Ave. in the Westlake neighborhood on Wednesday. As a male driver remains behind, a woman is seen coming out of the passenger side door, running up to the front door, and running back to the car with a couple of packages in hand.

capture10 Daly City Package Thieves Caught On Camera

A woman is seen on a security camera image running up to a Daly City home on the 300 block of Northgate Ave. (CBS)

A witness to the theft said he was driving down the street at the time and noticed the woman running away from the home toward the BMW. “I saw the woman get out of the car, walk up to the house, grab packages, and run back to the car,” neighbor Chris Cosmi told CBS San Francisco. “As she ran back, she dropped the package, picked it up and threw it back in the car.”

screen shot 2017 06 08 at 11 01 46 am Daly City Package Thieves Caught On Camera

Suspect car in the Daly City porch thefts.

Cosmi said the situation looked suspicious, so after checking his own home to see if there were any packages, he drove back through the neighborhood and found the same car pulled into a second neighbor’s driveway. The same woman got out of the car and grabbed a large package off the front porch, before they sped away, said Cosmi, who put in a report to Daly City police.

At least eight other homes reportedly had packages stolen that day. Cosmi said he saw the car driving along several streets and the pair likely were active in the entire Westlake neighborhood.

“I thought it was horrible,” he said. “I always thought we lived in a relatively safe neighborhood and it wouldn’t happen here. It made me feel angry to see my neighbors being taken advantage of. It was quite the shock.”

The woman in the video appears to be in her late 20s or early 30s; average build, dark brown shoulder-length curly hair with blond highlights. She was wearing a black, zip-up hoodie and jeans. There was no description of the male driver.


  1. Hope they get charged with a felony and I hope if they have kids Social Services takes the children away until they become fit parents.

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