OAKLAND (KPIX 5) – While Warriors fans were gearing up for the teams victory parade, on Wednesday some team members discussed another possible celebration that made the news earlier this week.

The rumor that the Warriors had unanimously as a team declined an invite to the White House at an hour when the champagne was still drying on their Game 5 uniforms early Tuesday went viral, forcing the team to release an official statement on the matter.

The team noted they had not even been invited to the White House.

In a short statement Tuesday, the Warriors said: “Today is all about celebrating our championship. We have not received an invitation to the White House, but will make those decisions when and if necessary.”

During their press day ahead of Thursday’s parade in Oakland, the team confirmed that they have still not talked about any possible visit to the White House.

“I personally will do the right thing for me,” said Curry. “The team will have a conversation about what’s going on going forward. But probably more to come on that.”

For now, the Warriors are focused on the parade and the crowds of more than a million people expected to show up in Oakland.

As for visiting President Trump, Shaun Livingston described how the team meeting will likely go down.

“How we handle things here, we talk about it as a team first,” said Livingston. “There’s a panel, the captains lead the panel, guys weigh in. Everybody has a voice.”

Kevin Durant said he got more than 200 text messages congratulating him after the win Monday night, one of which was from former president Barack Obama.

“Just ‘Congrats!’ You know. ‘Congrats!’ He said I play great defense. And ‘You enjoy it.’ That was special,” said Durant.

The players were mostly guarded on Wednesday about their political beliefs, but when asked if President Trump texted him, Durant had this to say: “Say what?!  Hell no!”

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  1. This is American “news media.” They report rumors if the rumors match their leftist agenda. They also make up rumors when they want to push their “narrative” which is a code word for piles of lies.

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