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StarDate 5/14/2014: Moon And Saturn

Like a herald announcing the approach of a king, the planet Saturn leads the full Moon across the sky tonight.


San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks

15 Things To Do In The Bay Area This Week — May 10-May14

15 things to do this week includes seeing our San Francisco Giants take on the Marlins, celebrate Asian Heritage Month at the Asian Art Museum + so much more!



StarDate: McDonald Observatory, V

The big questions about the universe have changed since McDonald Observatory was dedicated 75 years ago. And so has the technology that helps address them. Yet the basics of both are still the same: using telescopes and the best available instruments to understand how the universe works.



StarDate 5/7/2014: Celebration In The Name Of Science

Modern science is all about collaborations. Many projects are so big and expensive that you need a lot of partners to make them happen. The largest telescope at McDonald Observatory, for example, is a collaboration of several universities in the United States and Germany.


(Credit Robert Dollwet via Youtube)

Cat Trainer Gets Dogs, Cat To Rock To Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ Video

Bay Area native animal trainer Robert Dollwet’s video of the Pharrell Williams song “Happy” is going viral thanks to a pack of expertly choreographed dogs and an unlikely swimming cat, demonstrating that few creatures demonstrate happiness better than our four-legged friends.


A sea lion pup named Al Catraz recovering at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. (CBS)

15 Things To Do In The Bay Area This Week — May 4th-May 11th

15 things to do this week includes ideas for Mothers Day 2014, things for kids, families, animal lovers, nature lovers, and just lovers in general!



StarDate 5/1/2014: Young Planets On The Move

Young planets are on the move — they may be born far from their stars but quickly move closer. Some may get too close — they may fall into the star and be destroyed.



StarDate 4/30/2014: A Giant Planet Near The Head Of The Water Snake

Hydra, the water snake, slithers low across the sky on spring evenings. Its faint head is in the southwest at nightfall. Last year, astronomers reported the discovery of a giant planet orbiting a star that’s not far from the head.



StarDate 4/28/14: Distant Planets

The two most distant planets that are easily visible to the unaided eye bracket the sky late this evening. Jupiter — the brightest object in the sky at that time — is in the west around 10 or 11, with golden Saturn low in the east-southeast.



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