Cheating website Ashley Madison hacked. (CBS News)

Hackers Expose Cheating Spouses After Refuses To Shut Down

The company that owns the website for cheating spouses,, confirms data from its website has been leaked and published online.


(Flinga/Creative Commons)

Survey Finds 30 States Beat California On Gender Equality

California’s blue skies continue to hide a rigid glass ceiling, according to a Walled Hub study ranking the gender equity in all 50 states.


The Yelp Inc. application and logo (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Public Can Rate IRS, Post Offices, Government Agencies On Yelp

Uncle Sam is joining the ranks of beauty salons, taco stands and other services reviewed on Yelp.


Premiere Of Disney Pixar's "Monsters University" - Arrivals

Subway Tweets Cryptic Response To Jared Fogle’s Expected Plea Deal

Sandwich chain Subway made it clear in a tweet that they won’t be discussing Jared Fogle after reports started rolling in on an expected plea deal for the former spokesperson on alleged child pornography charges.


A large intact specimen of the fossil, Montsechia vidalii. (David Dilcher)

Discovery Of 130 Million-Year-Old Fossil Suggests Earth’s First Flowering Plants Were Rather Plain

A team of scientists analyzed fossilized specimens discovered a century ago in Spanish lakes, and determined they were likely the oldest flowering plants on earth.



Google Sells Low-Cost ‘Hot 2’ Smartphone In African Countries For Users Who Don’t Have Internet

Google is introducing a low-priced smartphone in six African countries where most people can’t afford an Internet-connected device.



Free Gourmet Meals At Tech Companies May Become A Thing Of The Past

The IRS could start taxing techies for all the free food they’ve been getting on the job.


The drug dubbed the 'female Viagra, of the 'pink pill' which boosts women's sexual drive. (CBS)

‘Female Viagra’ Pill To Increase Women’s Sex Drive May Get FDA Approval

Woman may be able to turn on desire by popping a pill. A drug dubbed the “female Viagra’ or ‘the little pink pill’ that boosts women’s sex drive could available by prescription soon.


Proposed CPMC Van Ness & Geary Hospital (San Francisco Planning Department)

New CPMC Hospital Using Goo-Filled Walls To Dampen Shaking From Earthquakes

Monday’s 4.0 magnitude earthquake was just a taste of what Bay Area faults can do, and engineers building Sutter Health’s new California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco are using technology employed in Japan that could keep the facility open in the event of the “big one.”


A screenshot of an earthquake early warning system. (CBS)

Early Warning Alerts Some Bay Area Residents 20 Seconds Before Piedmont Earthquake

Soon the question, “Did you feel it?” will be followed by, “Did you know it was coming?”