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Where’s My Refund? IRS Tool Answers That Question

‘Where’s my refund’ has been updated this year, so you can find your status within 24 hours of filing your return electronically.


Minimum Wage Set To Increase In San Francisco

Tips For Investors To Ease Growing Tax Bite

Investors should review whether they made any rash moves to trigger potentially unnecessary tax bills.



Paying Estimated Taxes Critical For Those Who Are Self-Employed

Contract workers, consultants, freelancers or the self-employed face additional tax challenges.


Money in Wallet

Small Biz Owners: How To Legally Reduce Your Tax Bill

Tax planning is often the most overlooked business strategy applied by small business owners.


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Tax Ramifications If You Own Property Outside The U.S.

Owning vacation property or other real estate outside the U.S. has tax consequences.


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Animal Update: Tax Deduction For Foster Pet Parents

A judge recently ruled that pet “foster parents” can tax deduct expenses such as food and medicine.


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Reminder: Tax Credit For Home Electric-Car Charging Station

As part of the fiscal cliff deal, many green energy programs saw renewed focus.


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How To Get A Tax Extension

Not going to make the April 15 deadline for filing your taxes? Better let the IRS know right now. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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Your Tax Day Playlist – Top 5 Tax Songs

Why can’t big-time musicians just pay their taxes? They have the money. Check out the top-5 tax protest (and repayment) songs.