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NBC Universal is just one of several companies to end business relationships with Donald Trump
The push began after the huge measles outbreak at Disneyland
Every day the flag continues to fly, emotions on both sides of the issue run higher
Residents in northern New York are breathing a sigh of relief
Chris Christie jumps into the race for the White House as the battle over the Confederate flag turns to fisticuffs in South Carolina
Flames burned more than 755,000 acres
The White House wants to raise the wage threshold for overtime pay to $50,440 per year for salaried workers
The escape of two convicted murderers had upstate New York residents locking their doors, but now "the kids are playing in the yard"
Germany has only beat Americans four out of 29 times, but is favored to win heading into Tuesday's semifinal match
In the shadow of the statehouse in Columbia, there was a brawl between people for and against the controversial banner