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Dek The NBC comedy show is known for pushing the envelope, but this time it might have gone too far. Several viewers took to Twitter calling the sketch “tasteless”.
A California family grieving over the discovery of the body of a three-week old baby believes his mother could not have harmed him
A law allowing limited recreational use of marijuana is now in effect in Washington, DC. Some members of Congress called on Attorney General Eric Holder, who is entering what is expected to be his last week in office, to help stop the law but he declined to intervene. Justice Reporter Paula Reid examines Eric Holder's complex legacy on marijuana.
Rain, hail and other precipitation came to the area as thunderstorms developed along the state's central coast
Potholes are the bane of any American driver, but one man is filling his pockets with pothole profits. Don Dahler reports on how he is profiting from the asphalt craters.
A milestone has investors taking stock of the NASDAQ comeback. Last week, the tech-heavy index nearly hit 5000 - where it hasn’t been since the dot-com bubble burst 15 years ago. CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger explains the NASDAQ’s comeback, and why it’s important.
It's been a tale of two coasts, with different types of extreme weather conditions hitting different spots of the country, impacting the economy in some places. Jericka Duncan reports from New York.
While many places in the Northeast had their coldest February ever, the West is still struggling to crawl out of its drought. Carter Evans reports on the Western winter.
Nina Pham, one of two nurses working at Texas Health Presbyterian hospital who contracted Ebola while treating an infected patient, says her employer was negligent
The $250,000 race car was spotted on the side of a quiet stretch of road in Georgia, nearly 50 miles from where it was stolen. Jason Aubry reports for WGCL-TV.

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