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Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Tech Watch: New Mobile Payment System On The Way

A joint venture between three of the top wireless companies has struck a deal with all four major credit card companies that could lead to a new mobile payment system.


Tech Watch: Crackdown On Illegal Downloading

Some of the biggest Internet Service Providers have agreed to crackdown on users who illegally download copyrighted material.

07/07/2011's mastermind Mark Zuckerberg smiles at his office in Palo Alto (AP)

Tech Watch: Anticipating Facebook’s Announcement

Facebook has scheduled what it’s calling an awesome announcement at its Palo Alto headquarters Wednesday morning. CNET Editor at Large Brian Cooley speculates on what this could be.


Microsoft Office 365

Tech Watch: Microsoft Launches Web-based Office, Rivals Google

Microsoft has officially launched its Web-based email and Office services, part of its ongoing effort to keep Google at bay when it comes to business software.


online music

Tech Watch: Crackdown On Illegal Downloading

CNET is reporting that some of the nation’s largest Internet service providers may soon start cracking down on people who illegally download copyrighted material.


Japanese man tweets with his mobile phone. (AP)

Tech Watch: Mobile Apps More Popular Than Websites

A new report claims that for the first time, people are spending more time using mobile apps than browsing the web.


Global Positioning System tracking device

Tech Watch: Geo-Privacy Bills Aim To Curb Warrantless Tracking

Lawmakers are considering proposals that would stop law enforcement agencies from using GPS devices to track people without getting a warrant first.


Apple Starts Selling Unlocked iPhones In US

The unlocked iPhone 4s are listed Tuesday on Apple Inc.’s website for $649 and $749. They’re identical to the version sold for use on AT&T Inc.’s network, but don’t require a two-year contract.


Samsung Galaxy tablet (AP)

Tech Watch: The Future Of The Tablet Market

Some analysts out there believe that the Tablet market will quickly transform into one dominated by commodity products.


Wii U

Tech Watch: The Wii U

Nintendo has introduced the world to the Wii’s touchy new big brother: the Wii U.


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