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Narsai David Food & Wine Report: Reata And Masut Wines

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)—This week there are three appealing wines that I have recently tasted and want to share. The first is the 2010 Reata Carneros Chardonnay which has a fruity flavored aroma that conjures up papayas and pineapples. It has a great mouth feel and nice acidity. This is one of those wines that doesn’t […]


Narsai David: Sparkling Pear Cider And Napa Moscato

Our food and wine expert has a pear cider and a Moscato from Napa Valley he says you’re sure to enjoy.


Narsai David Recipe: Chicken In A Pot

Chicken in a pot is a real favorite around our house after the holidays after all that rich food we’ve been eating, and overeating…


Narsai David stands near a rice paddy in Tai Dong, Taiwan. (KCBS)

Narsai David Recipe: Chocolate Decadence

Narsai’s original Chocolate Decadence recipe is easy to make and one of the few desserts that can stand up to a rich port wine, served with raspberry puree.


Narsai David Recipe: Panna Cotta With Strawberries

Panna cotta is a long-time favorite desert that seems to be making a comeback. Originally Italian, panna cotta literally means “cooked cream.”


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Food & Wine Review: Sonoma Pinot Noirs Around $20

Here’s a few inexpensive Sonoma Pinot Noir suggestions for around $20.


Narsai David Recipe: Butterscotch Pudding & Butterscotch Pie

This a straight-forward, fun recipe for an item that’s once again a must-have on many restaurant menus. Honestly, butterscotch is so easy to make that it’s almost embarrassing…


Narsai David: Vegan Gelato Lets Ice Cream Lovers Skip The Dairy

BERKELEY (KCBS) – Genuto proves that it’s possible to take the dairy out of gelato without sacrificing the rich, creamy texture that makes ice cream such a delicious treat. The secret is using nuts to provide the richness that normally comes from butter fat, rather than more common dairy substitutes such as soy and rice. […]


Narsai David Wine Review: Three Wines Perfect For Summer

It’s fascinating to see how rosé is making a comeback. Once upon a time, these were some of the most popular of all wines, only to suffer because rosé was neither white nor red.


Narsai David Wine Review: 2012 Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition

Few wines go well with raw oysters because of the combination of minerals, sweetness and the flavor of the sea. That’s what makes the Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition…


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