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Doug Sovern’s “Sovern Nation”

  • Doug Sovern’s “Sovern Nation”: California Republicans Changing Their Stance on Immigration

    September 21, 2015

    Amid a climate of Latino anger over the anti-immigrant rhetoric dominating the Republican presidential campaign California Republicans are changing their platform to take a more moderate tone. KCBS Political Reporter Doug Sovern says after an intense floor fight at its convention in Anaheim the party adopted more welcoming language.
  • Doug Sovern’s “Sovern Nation”: The California Republican Convention Comes to an End

    September 20, 2015

    California Republicans wrap up their convention in Anaheim today where one of their primary objectives was to figure out how to arrest their slide with California voters. KCBS political reporter Doug Sovern says the party is trying to reassert its relevance for 2016.
  • Doug Sovern's "Sovern Nation": Huckabee Addresses California Republicans

    September 19, 2015

    Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is the only presidential candidate addressing the California Republican Convention today in Anaheim. KCBS Political Reporter Doug Sovern is there where Huckabee says the Golden State is too important to pass up.
  • Doug Sovern's "Sovern Nation": CA GOP Fall Convention

    September 18, 2015

    The political spotlight remains squarely on Southern California, where California Republicans begin their fall convention in Anaheim today, two days after the presidential debate in Simi Valley. KCBS Political Reporter Doug Sovern says the GOP brass are still buzzing about that debate, and whether it marks the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.
  • Doug Sovern’s “Sovern Nation”: Has Donald Trump Peaked?

    September 18, 2015

    Now that the Republican debate in California is history, some of the candidates are raising money in the Los Angeles area while others move on to New Hampshire and South Carolina. KCBS Political Reporter Doug Sovern caught up with several of them who hope the voters’ infatuation with Donald Trump has peaked.
  • An Oakland Gay Syrian Refugee To Make Historic Appearance at U.N.

    August 6, 2015

    A gay man who fled from war-ravaged Syria to the Bay Area is about to become the first openly-LGBT person ever to address the United Nations Security Council, reports Doug Sovern.
  • Big Fines Levied Over California Campaign Finance Violations

    October 25, 2013

    It’s the largest campaign finance law fine in California history, and perhaps in the United States. But will it make a difference? KCBS’ Doug Sovern reports on the fines levied against two Arizona groups, that funneled millions into campaigns last year.
  • Oakland Congresswoman: Democrats Won’t Budge In Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

    December 11, 2012

    There’s little sign of movement in Washington in negotiations over the fiscal cliff and a Bay Area member of Congress said Democrats won’t budge on their economic principles. KCBS’ Doug Sovern reports that Congresswoman Barbara Lee remains hopeful of beating a New Year’s deadline.
  • Governor Brown Offers Preview For Next State Budget

    November 28, 2012

    Governor Jerry Brown said he meant what he said about keeping California’s spending in-check, even though voters have approved giving him more tax money to spend. KCBS’ Doug Sovern gives us a sneak peek as to what to expect in the next state budget.
  • Arizona Donation To CA Proposition Called Worst Case Of Money Laundering

    November 6, 2012

    An Arizona group that made the largest secret campaign donation in California history finally revealed the source of its money Monday, sort of. KCBS’ Doug Sovern reports state campaign watchdogs call this the worst case ever of political money laundering.
  • CA Governor Jerry Brown Ratchets Up Prop 30 Campaign

    October 26, 2012

    California Governor Jerry Brown is intensifying his campaign to pass Proposition 30, which has fallen below 50 percent support for the first time in the latest statewide poll. KCBS’ Doug Sovern reports that the governor knows he is in for a dogfight with less than two weeks remaining before the election.
  • KCBS Cover Story: Libertarian Candidate Hopes To Play Spoiler

    September 26, 2012

    In the 1990s it was Ross Perot. In 2000 it was Ralph Nader. In this KCBS Cover Story, Doug Sovern reports that now in 2012, the former governor of New Mexico could be the spoiler in the presidential campaign and help determine who wins the White House.
  • Bay Area Campaign Volunteers Focusing On Swing States

    September 25, 2012

    President Obama leads Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney by 24 points in California, but the race for the White House is much closer in other Western states, including Nevada and Colorado. KCBS’ Doug Sovern reports that local campaign volunteers are making the trek to those states.
  • KCBS Cover Story: Truth And Lies On The Campaign Trail

    September 5, 2012

    Which side is telling the truth when it comes to Campaign 2012? That’s what many undecided voters are trying to decipher as November nears. In this KCBS Cover Story, reporter Doug Sovern looks at the complexities on the campaign trail.
  • Nancy Pelosi Confident Democrats Will Regain Control Of Congress

    September 4, 2012

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco said she hopes she is the once and future Speaker of the House. KCBS’ Doug Sovern reports from Charlotte, where Pelosi tried to reinvigorate energy among California delegates.
  • KCBS Political Analyst Weighs in on Burton's Comment

    September 3, 2012

    KCBS Political Analyst Marc Sandalow weighs in after John Burton's explosive comments to KCBS reporter Doug Sovern at the DNC, likening the GOP campaign to Nazi propaganda.
  • Democratic Leader Likens Republican Tactics to Nazi Propaganda

    September 3, 2012

    Sovern Nation: KCBS Reporter Doug Sovern interviews Chairman of the California Democratic Party, John Burton, who likens Republican tactics to Nazi propaganda.
  • California Democrat Leader Refers to Republicans as Nazi-Like

    September 3, 2012

    Sovern Nation: KCBS Reporter Doug Sovern interviews Chairman of the California Democratic Party, John Burton, who likens Republican tactics to Nazi propoganda.
  • Small Vendors Barred From Republican National Convention By Romney Campaign

    August 30, 2012

    Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is running as the pro-small business candidate. In this exclusive report, KCBS’ Doug Sovern reports that despite this, the Romney campaign is barring small vendors from selling their wares at the convention site this week.
  • California Delegates Applaud Paul Ryan’s Convention Speech

    August 30, 2012

    California delegates give rave reviews to Wednesday’s big speeches at the Republican National Convention from Condoleezza Rice and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan. KCBS' Doug Sovern reports that local delegates are energized now and ready to help the ticket raise more campaign cash in California.
  • John McCain Believes GOP Ticket Prepared For Success

    August 30, 2012

    The man Barack Obama defeated for the presidency four years ago spoke Wednesday night to delegates at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. KCBS’ Doug Sovern reports that the California delegates were pumped to hear from their vice presidential nominee, and from a prominent Bay Area Republican.
  • Santa Cruz Teen Serves As Youth Delegate At Republican National Convention

    August 30, 2012

    Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan are the main attractions Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. KCBS’ Doug Sovern caught up with one of the youngest delegates, a teen from Santa Cruz.
  • CA GOP Hopefuls Miss Out On Spotlight At Convention In Tampa

    August 28, 2012

    They won’t be getting a turn in the spotlight after all because of the shortening of the Republican National Convention. KCBS reporter Doug Sovern is in Tampa and said the job just got tougher for some local candidates who were hoping for a national coming-out party:
  • Candidates In East Bay Congressional Race Squabbling Over Social Security

    August 21, 2012

    A tightly contested East Bay Congressional race is getting nastier and nastier by the day as the two candidates are at odds over Social Security benefits. KCBS’ Doug Sovern reports that the issue is over Congressman Pete Starks, whose minor children are getting Social Security checks.
  • California Senator Joins Others In Calling For Gun Control Laws

    July 25, 2012

    U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California joined several other Democrat on Tuesday to call for new gun control laws in the wake of last week’s mass shooting at a Colorado movie theater. But KCBS’ Doug Sovern reports that action is not expected to be taken by lawmakers.
California State Capitol in Sacramento (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

State Lawmaker Pushes For Transparency On Spending

California’s State Assembly and Senate budgets have been made public but some critics, including Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, are calling the Friday night document dump bogus.


Tea Party Rally in San Francisco, April 2011. (Photo by Beth Spotswood/CBSSF)

Tea Party Express Launching Nationwide Bus Tour In Napa

The group will end the tour in Tampa, Florida, where it will host the first-ever Tea Party presidential debate.


Artist rendering of the Oakland Control Tower (Oakland International airport website)

Construction Resumes On Oakland International Airport Control Tower

Construction has resumed on the new control tower at Oakland International Airport. U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, D-California, who came to the airport Tuesday, warned that work could stop again unless Congress meets another funding deadline for the Federal Aviation Administration.


A sign outside a Bank of America branch in San Francisco. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

San Francisco’s City Attorney Wins Fight With Bank Of America

San Francisco’s City Attorney has won a fight with the credit card division of the nation’s largest bank, which means millions of dollars for the city and tough new consumer protections for customers of Bank of America.



Bay Area Homeowners Scrambling To Refinance Loans

Bay Area homeowners are rushing to take advantage of mortgage rates that have hit another record low.


California State Capitol in Sacramento (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Feud Continues In Sacramento Over Public Records

Southern California Assemblyman Anthony Portantino was the only Democrat to vote against the state budget and claims his office budget was cut because of that.


Bake Sale Betty

Sandwich’s Popularity Grows At Oakland’s Bakesale Betty

Hundreds of customers wait in line every day to get their hands on the legendary fried chicken sandwich at the popular Oakland shop.


A file photo shows a home for sale in San Francisco, California

Home Sales Drop In Bay Area As Market Reacts To Bad Economy

Home sales are dropping once again in the Bay Area as buyers and sellers react to the bad economic news.


Facebook prison

Facebook Agrees To Cut Off California Prisoners

Facebook officials will work with California prison officials to shut down accounts set up by inmates who use smuggled cell phones to access the social network, and even stalk their victims from inside prison.



California Won’t Meet Court Deadline To Reduce Prison Overcrowding

The state has until June 2013 to reduce its prison population by about 34,000 inmates. Currently the prisons are 80 percent above capacity.