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The 26th Man

Midwest baseball. Summer rain. Nothing unusual there. Except for the stunningly inept performance in Chicago by the Wrigley Field grounds crew, leading to last night's 4-1/2 inning victory by the Cubs over the Giants. Yes, they played half a game in Chicago (and took longer than the typical Yankees-Red Sox game to do it), and when it was over, nobody wa

Are We Going To Be Americans About This?

America is going gaga over soccer. All of a sudden, we're painting our faces and destroying workplace productivity so we can follow the men's national team at the World Cup. So now that the USMNT (that's insider-lingo, apparently required of anyone who REALLY knows what's up) has reached the Round of 16 by losing to Germany, it's tim

Peak Football?

The phrase "peak oil" was in vogue a few years back. Geologist M. King Hubbert theorized the world was about to hit the peak of its petroleum-extraction capabilities and it would all be downhill after that. Well, now I'm wondering if we're nearing "peak football". The list of problems facing the NFL gets longer all the time. The
The Warriors' decision to fire Mark Jackson after three successive seasons of improvement in the win-loss category will be debated ad nauseam. Right move? Wrong move? Of course, time will tell: if the Warriors wind up in the Western Conference finals next year, management will look like geniuses. Rather than pick apart the decision, I'd like to foc

Donald Sterling's Uncomfortable Truth

In all the fury about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling's ugly comments, and in all the backslapping about the NBA's unprecedented sanctions, very little has been said about the uncomfortable truth of the matter: Donald Sterling is hardly the only American whose vision isn't colorblind. Sterling's "crime", of course, wa

Cue Captain Renault

To paraphrase Captain Renault's immortal line from the film "Casablanca": "I'm shocked, shocked to find that a sports team owner is a jerk!" It is laughable to watch pundits far and wide demand action right now against the buffoon who's owned the Los Angeles Clippers since 1981. He's been an embarrassment pretty much s

How To Fix Replay

A week into the Major League Baseball season, it's already clear that the new replay rules need some work. From the bizarre wait in Oakland while Coco Crisp's walkoff homer was confirmed, to the travesty in Phoenix where an obviously blown call at the plate couldn't be challenged because Bruce Bochy had already lost an appeal, to the uneven ap

Not "Jerry Maguire"

%name Stan Bunger & Steve Bitker The headlines scream about State Senator Leland Yee and Chinatown mobster Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow. But there's a fascinating--and perhaps horrifying--story deeper in the massive criminal case unfolding in San Francisco. It's the tale of a young man named Marlon Sullivan. On the one hand, there's the Marlon Sullivan who became one o

The Dodger Experiment

Much of the attention the Los Angeles Dodgers have been getting focuses on their drunken-sailor-level spending.  The Dodgers will enter the 2014 season with the biggest payroll in the big leagues at over $220 million. That's $75 million more than the Giants and a staggering $160 million more than the A's. But a much bigger story about money may be

Nothing To See Here, Move Along

One athlete came off the bench to nearly foul out while scoring zero points in 10 minutes of playing time in an NBA game. The other wasn't even playing a game; he'd shown up for the increasingly-weird spectacle known as the NFL Scouting Combine. Yet both Jason Collins and Michael Sam made history over the weekend. Now, let's hope what they rep