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California Gets Supply Of Drug Used During Executions

California’s prison department said Monday it has turned to an overseas manufacturer to replenish its supplies of sodium thiopental, a drug necessary to carry out executions in the state.

CBS San Francisco–12/06/2010

California Obtains New Supply Of Lethal Injection Drug

Prison officials obtained a drug essential to the lethal injection process the day after California’s first execution in nearly five years was canceled, partly due to a shortage of that very drug, a court filing stated Wednesday.

CBS San Francisco–10/06/2010

Albert Brown execution chamber San Quentin death row

State High Court Ruling Shuts Door On San Quentin Execution

The California Supreme Court issued an order in San Francisco Wednesday that appears to block Thursday’s execution of a convicted murderer, regardless of whether a federal court stay is upheld in the U.S. court system.

CBS San Francisco–09/29/2010

Albert Brown execution chamber San Quentin death row

Judge Blocks San Quentin Execution Set For Thursday

A federal judge has blocked what would have been California’s first execution, which was set for Thursday, after reassessing new injection protocols.

CBS San Francisco–09/28/2010

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More Legal Maneuvering In Execution Case

SAN JOSE (KCBS) _ The legal wrangling over the execution of convicted murderer and rapist Albert Greenwood Brown continues. He faces a 9 p.m. execution Thursday evening, the first since the death penalty was suspended […]


Albert Brown execution chamber San Quentin death row

Court Orders Hearing For San Quentin Death Row Inmate

A federal appeals court ordered a trial judge late Monday to reconsider his ruling that paved the way for California’s first execution in nearly five years.

CBS San Francisco–09/27/2010

San Quentin Inmate Scheduled For Death Begins Appeal Process

A convicted murderer who is scheduled to be executed Wednesday began an appeal to a federal appeals court in San Francisco Sunday for a stay of his death penalty.

CBS San Francisco–09/26/2010

California Execution Drug In Short Supply

There could be yet another twist in this week’s scheduled execution of a convicted killer and rapist at San Quentin State Prison.


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Execution Stands: San Francisco Judge Refuses Request

A U.S. District Court Judge refused to block death row inmate Albert Greenwood Brown’s execution. The decision paves the way for California’s first execution in nearly five years.


San Quentin Inmate’s Lawyers Blame Politics For Execution Decision

Lawyers for death row inmate Albert Greenwood Brown point to election-year politics as the reason their client was suddenly scheduled for a lethal injection this week.

CBS San Francisco–09/25/2010