Couple Wants Mississippi To Recognize Same-Sex Marriage So They Can Get A DivorceA woman wants Mississippi to recognize her same-sex marriage in order to get a divorce...
Gay Couples Offer Supreme Court Arguments For Full Marriage EqualityGay and lesbian couples who are challenging California’s ban on same-sex marriage said Thursday that the Constitution prohibits discrimination against them in the nation’s largest state or anywhere else in America.
California High Court To Decide On Local Pot Shop BansThe state's highest court is scheduled to hear arguments Tuesday on whether local governments can ban retail pot dispensaries within their borders. About 200 cities and counties already have, but this will be the first time the California Supreme Court entertains the question.
New California Supreme Court Justices Set To Hear Prop 8 ArgumentsThe California Supreme Court—with two new members seated in the past year—is set to hear arguments in San Francisco Tuesday on a key issue in the state’s legal battle over same-sex marriage.

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