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East Bay College District To Divest From Big Banks

The Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees voted this week to move its money from large, for-profit banks to community-based banks and credit unions.



About The Bay: Switching From Bank To Credit Union Not That Easy

KCBS’ Mike Sugerman tried to make the switch himself, during his travels About the Bay, but he found that it’s not nearly as simple as it might seem.



Protesters Take Grievances Over Local Foreclosures Directly To San Francisco Banks

Dozens of protesters marched into national banks in San Francisco’s Excelsior District Saturday and gave them a letter of demands in response to the number of impending foreclosures in the neighborhood.


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Tips In Case You Make The Switch This Bank Transfer Day

If you decide to switch from a large corporate bank to a smaller financial institution on ‘Bank Transfer Day’, here are some helpful tips for moving your money.


Occupy Denver protesters stand outside the Denver Federal Reserve building on November 5, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. Hundreds of demonstrators marched in a peaceful protest, denouncing the Federal Reserve and urging customers to close their accounts with large banks and deposit their funds into local credit unions. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Protesters Converge On Bay Area Banks On ‘Bank Transfer Day’

Protesters converged on banks across the Bay Area on the Saturday dubbed ‘Bank Transfer Day.’


Anti-Wall Street protesters gathered along Main Street in Walnut Creek on October 12, 2011. (CBS)

Walnut Creek Protesters Encouraging ‘Bank Transfer Day’ Participation

More than 50 people gathered in downtown Walnut Creek Saturday morning to protest and encourage people to remove their money from various corporate banks.


Mike Fox, Sr. (CBS)

Successful South Bay Businessman Joins Bank Transfer Movement

Well-known Silicon Valley businessman Mike Fox, Sr., a beer magnate and philanthropist, was to announce on Friday his plans to divest his long-held personal account with Bank of America.



ConsumerWatch: Should You Switch On National Bank Transfer Day?

Activists have marked Saturday, November 5th as Bank Transfer Day. With more than 40 dedicated Facebook pages, thousands of YouTube videos, and a top trending topic on Twitter, Bank Transfer Day seems to have everyone talking.