Baylands Nature Preserve

Police sketch of suspect in an attack on a jogger at Baylands Nature Preserve in Palo Alto on June 2, 2013. The suspect is described as a male about 20-years-old, 5'8" tall and weighing 160 pounds. He was wearing clear-colored studded hearings in both ears, long blue shorts, a white t-shirt and tennis shoes. (Palo Alto Police Department)

Sketch Released Of Suspect In Palo Alto Jogger Attack

Palo Alto police on Tuesday released a sketch of a man who is considered a suspect in the attack on a female jogger Sunday in Palo Alto.


Baylands Nature Preserve in Palo Alto. (CBS)

Jogger Fights Off Man Who Groped Her In Palo Alto Park

Palo Alto police are trying to locate two witnesses who may have seen a man attack and grope a female jogger Sunday morning in the Baylands Nature Preserve in Palo Alto.