StarDate: Distant Borders

Our solar system has a lot of borders. One is the orbit of Neptune, which marks the edge of the realm of the planets.


Mineta San Jose Int'l Airport

SJ Stowaway Highlights Broader Security Concerns At U.S. Airports

For all the tens of billions of dollars that the nation has spent on screening passengers and their bags, few airports made a comparable investment to secure the airplanes themselves.


Borders Palo Alto

Borders Ready To Turn Page On Book Chain’s Final Chapter

The location of one of the last Borders bookstores still open in the Bay Area, directly across from the Apple store on University Ave., seems an obvious answer to why the chain hopes to close all of its remaining stores by the end of the week.


Borders. (CBS)

12 Bay Area Stores Closing Amid Borders Bankruptcy

Bookseller Borders, which helped pioneer superstores that put countless mom-and-pop bookshops out of business, filed for bankruptcy protection Wednesday, sunk by crushing debt and sluggishness in adapting to a rapidly changing industry.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–02/16/2011

Borders. (CBS)

Borders Reportedly Close To Bankruptcy

A national bookstore chain with several outlets in the Bay Area is on the brink of bankruptcy.