Hydration For A Healthy Brain You learn from a young age the importance of drinking enough water every day. Staying hydrated is essential for balancing bodily fluids, cleansing the body of toxins and maintaining bowel function, but for people with Alzheimer’s, water’s effects on the brain may be the most important. A young and healthy brain cannot function properly without enough water, and people with this dementia can suffer even more greatly as a lack of liquids can cause symptoms to worsen. Aegis Living understands how essential it is to avoid dehydration among seniors – each assisted living community takes action with this information by putting initiatives into effect to ensure that residents keep their brains well hydrated. Learn more about keeping seniors hydrated and how Aegis works to promote hydration.
Dr. Shirley Newell – Brain HealthVIDEO: Learn how to optimize brain health with Aegis Living's Dr. Shirley Newell...
Healthy Eating For Mental WellnessWhether you’re an infant or a senior, the foods that you eat have a massive effect on every part of the body. A balanced, nutritious diet provides you with energy for physical activity but also promotes cognitive function, a healthy sleep schedule and better control over your emotions. Poor eating habits, on the other hand, can lead to mental and physical weariness, difficulty remembering and trouble concentrating. That’s why proper nutrition is essential for people with Alzheimer’s disease and why Aegis Living makes it a focus of its specialized care plans. Learn more about how good nutrition can promote mental function in people with Alzheimer’s and the steps Aegis Living communities take to provide seniors with healthy and appetizing meals
New Study Shows Walking Helps Retain Long-Term MemoryAccording to new research, it turns out you can walk your way to better memory.

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