(Credit: Slow Clap Productions)

Pornography Becomes Butterflies, Folding Images Of Sex And Nudity Into Art

What do you do with a giant pile of recycled porno mags, nature magazines, and a really sharp pair of scissors?


Monarch butterflies (Mario Vazquez/AFP/Getty Images)

Ban On Releasing Butterflies Up For Debate In San Francisco

The San Francisco Commission on the Environment was set to meet Tuesday night to discuss the proposal to ban the release of commercially-raised butterflies within city limits. If approved, the ban would still require a vote by the Board of Supervisors.


Liam Mayclem & Chef Robert Lam (credit: foodiechap.com)

Foodie Chap: Butterfly, San Francisco

Butterfly, Rob Lam’s 150-seat Embarcadero restaurant has a young, almost cult, following. Butterfly can barely keep up with the calls for reservations…