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Award-Winning Teacher Introduces STEM Education To Younger Students

Award winning educator Carlos Lauchu shares his keys to developing middle school students who excel in STEM education.


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Common Core Challenges Bay Area Teacher To Change Strategy

Chris Stone, a fifth grade teacher at Buri Buri Elementary School, has had a passion for teaching at a young age and has challenged some of education’s ideologies as well.


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New Technology Program Challenges Conventional Teaching

Many educators are taking a closer look at methods like Design Thinking as a teaching tool that can reach beyond the classroom by helping students build lifelong-thinking skills.


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Cursive Writing Strengthens Cognitive Development In California School District

Ann-Mari Howard, a third grade teacher, says there are a number of reasons why the skill of handwriting is and should remain a valuable part of the California curriculum.


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Common Core Testing Hit With Server Delays, Glitches As First Computerized Standardized Testing Gets Tested

The controversial Common Core testing affecting millions of students across America was already facing student boycotts and parental opposition, and now it’s facing what may be an even tougher opponent — slow Internet connections and lack of server space.


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Fresno’s Public Schools Make Students The Teachers With New Technology

OpenEd allows students to become their own teachers, encouraging them to think outside the box for anything they’re assigned.


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Art And Math Program Creates Opportunities In Architectural Design

Drawing success through art and math is a winning combo for Folsom Cordova Unified School where 12 local student teams competed in a design and engineering program.


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Los Angeles Students Solve Social Issues In Aspen Challenge

Social concerns of water sustainability, climate change, bullying, alcohol abuse, and public health problems are highlighted at the Aspen Challenge for practical solutions.


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Dozens Of Bay Area Schools Receive California Distinguished Schools Award

The state Department of Education announced the recipients of the prestigious award for public elementary schools today, and nearly a quarter of them are in the Bay Area.


Monta Vista High School In Cupertino. (CBS)

Cupertino Students May Retake STAR Tests After Prank

The student body at a South Bay high school could pay the price after a handful of their classmates played a prank while taking their standardized tests.