California High Speed Rail

California High-Speed Rail

Judge Backs California High-Speed Rail Over Farmers

A judge denied a request Friday from Central Valley farmers who sought to halt work on California’s ambitious high-speed rail project.


Bay Bridge, traffic

Phil Matier: Bridge Toll Hikes To Pay For High Speed Rail?

Bay Area residents are likely facing a new round of bridge toll hikes and taxes to pay for the High Speed Rail tunnel connecting the Caltrain station at 4th and King streets in San Francisco to the new Transbay Terminal.


California High-Speed Rail

Brown Signs California High-Speed Rail Bill Amid Challenges

Gov. Jerry Brown gave his approval Wednesday to spending billions of dollars in government money for a high-speed rail line that still faces major funding, environmental and political challenges.


California High-Speed Rail

UC Study Raises Questions About California High-Speed Rail

A new study casts doubt on whether the benefits of California high-speed rail will include the creation of 400,000 permanent jobs promised by boosters of the bullet trains.


California High-Speed Rail

Challenges Remain For California’s High-Speed Rail Plan

California lawmakers may have given their OK to what could be the nation’s first high-speed rail line, but the project is still a long way from leaving the station.


California High-Speed Rail

California Lawmakers OK Funding For High-Speed Rail Line

California lawmakers have approved billions of dollars in construction financing for the first segment of what would be the nation’s first dedicated high-speed rail line.


CA high speed rail

Assembly Approves $4.5 Billion In California High-Speed Rail Funding

The California Assembly has approved legislation authorizing about $4.5 billion in state bond funding for a high-speed rail system backed by Gov. Jerry Brown.


Caltrain Diridon station, San Jose

Critical Caltrain Funding Tied To High-Speed Rail Vote

The future of Caltrain has now been tied to a key vote set for Friday on the California High-Speed Rail project that could also determine the future of Gov. Jerry Brown’s push to raise taxes.


Artist's conception of a California high-speed rail train. (California High-Speed Rail Authority)

Phil Matier: Crucial High-Speed Rail Vote At Hand

A critical vote is expected to take place this week in Sacramento as California legislators will decide on whether to issue almost $3 billion in state bonds for the high-speed rail project.


CA high speed rail

Environmental Exemptions Sought For High-Speed Rail Construction

California’s high-speed rail chief has said he’s seeking environmental exemptions on the first 130-mile leg of the bullet train in the San Joaquin Valley.