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California High Speed Rail

California High-Speed Rail

Brown Signs California High-Speed Rail Bill Amid Challenges

Gov. Jerry Brown gave his approval Wednesday to spending billions of dollars in government money for a high-speed rail line that still faces major funding, environmental and political challenges.


California High-Speed Rail

UC Study Raises Questions About California High-Speed Rail

A new study casts doubt on whether the benefits of California high-speed rail will include the creation of 400,000 permanent jobs promised by boosters of the bullet trains.


California High-Speed Rail

Challenges Remain For California’s High-Speed Rail Plan

California lawmakers may have given their OK to what could be the nation’s first high-speed rail line, but the project is still a long way from leaving the station.


California High-Speed Rail

California Lawmakers OK Funding For High-Speed Rail Line

California lawmakers have approved billions of dollars in construction financing for the first segment of what would be the nation’s first dedicated high-speed rail line.


CA high speed rail

Assembly Approves $4.5 Billion In California High-Speed Rail Funding

The California Assembly has approved legislation authorizing about $4.5 billion in state bond funding for a high-speed rail system backed by Gov. Jerry Brown.


Caltrain Diridon station, San Jose

Critical Caltrain Funding Tied To High-Speed Rail Vote

The future of Caltrain has now been tied to a key vote set for Friday on the California High-Speed Rail project that could also determine the future of Gov. Jerry Brown’s push to raise taxes.


Artist's conception of a California high-speed rail train. (California High-Speed Rail Authority)

Phil Matier: Crucial High-Speed Rail Vote At Hand

A critical vote is expected to take place this week in Sacramento as California legislators will decide on whether to issue almost $3 billion in state bonds for the high-speed rail project.


CA high speed rail

Environmental Exemptions Sought For High-Speed Rail Construction

California’s high-speed rail chief has said he’s seeking environmental exemptions on the first 130-mile leg of the bullet train in the San Joaquin Valley.


California High-Speed Rail

Analyst Suggests Gov. Brown Cancel Money For High-Speed Rail

The state’s nonpartisan analyst says the latest proposal to build a $68.4 billion high-speed train system linking Northern and Southern California is still too vague.


California High-Speed Rail

House Committee Probes California High-Speed Rail Project

A congressional committee has begun a review of California’s high-speed rail project, including possible conflicts of interest and whether a large government commitment would pull federal tax dollars away from other transportation projects.