KCBS Sports Fans: New MLB Agreement Protects Rights Of Gay PlayersLargely below the radar screen in the new MLB collective bargaining agreement, two little words have been inserted that speak volumes about how far the world of sports has come on the issue of sexual orientation
Daily Madden: The Concussion FactorA proposal to extend the NFL season by two games is a key issue in negotiations between the owners and players. But would that lead to more injuries, including concussions?
Daily Madden: A Little Progress In NFL TalksThe NFL is offering to reveal more financial data to players as negotiations for a new contract continue.
Daily Madden: The NFL Labor Dispute And The Draft"Lousy football." That's what John says we'll see in the fall if the NFL labor dispute drags on and NFL rookies and other players don't get the preparation they need in training camp.
Daily Madden: Fight To The FinishThe fight that broke out in the Chicago Cubs spring training dugout started with a pitcher frustrated by poor defense. The Cubs manager plans a team meeting, but John Madden says that's the wrong approach.
Daily Madden: Safety First At NFL MeetingsJohn hops on the Madden Cruiser this weekend for a trip to the NFL Scouting Combine and league meetings in Indianapolis.
Daily Madden: A Critical Time For Pro FootballJohn Madden discusses the cloud hanging over the NFL: how the players-owners dispute and the possibility of a work stoppage would hurt the game, and why it's important that there's a settlement soon.

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